anyone have advice on getting my tongue pierced?

I’d really like to get my tongue pierced, but i think i should research it and stuff first, which i havent done yet. any advice on preparing for one? pros and cons? any stories or experiences?

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  1. go figure it out i dont have mine done either i am scared to get it done if u give me some advice

  2. i dont know much firsthand about having your tongue pierced but i had my lip done and u have 2 keep it up really well. and when they say dont smoke for a few weeks dont b. c it really slows down the healing and it can get infected if it does not heal 4 awhile. other then that no big deal. .

  3. Do not do it, for the following reasons. 1) you can get a blood bourne infection like hepatitis or AIDS, tatto parlors has horrible infection control2) you can get an infection that may erode your tongue3) piercing my damage the nerve or blood supply to your tongue. resulting in inability to speak4) if the hole is too big, it can affect your ability to pronounce Certain letters, While this complication is not very common, they are not uncommon and they do happen

  4. It’s one of the easiest to care for since it basically cleans itself (but you still gotta clean it too! Mouth wash and sea-salt soaks are best!) And the most important part of getting ANY piercing is making sure you go to a great tattoo shop, even if they happen to charge more. You can not smoke or drink with them for awhile and no oral sex either for awhile, you have to wait for your tongue piercing to heal before you can take up any of this again. But I think you should go and research some more. bmezine. com has some good stories / pictures of all types of piercings. Oh and when you get it pierced, do not be concerned if the tongue bar seems too long, it’s supposed to be that way to avoid rubbing against the piercing if your tongue swells for awhile. =]

  5. Tongue piercing is one of the most common, popular, and easy-to-heal piercings out there. There are two common reasons that might stop you from getting your tongue pierced. First, are overly prominent veins on the bottom of the tongue. Sometimes they can be avoided (so you may want to get a second opinion from an experienced piercer if you are told no)., But there are rare cases where it would not be safe The second thing that can make a tongue piercing difficult (or impossible) is an overly prominent tongue web. If it is too long and tight, you will not be able to stick out your tongue, making it difficult to pierce. In addition, a piercing might painfully rub on the webbing. Placement: They are gene rally done centrally and vertically through the body of the tongue. Off-center piercings are therefore a valid option, as is the much rarer horizontal tongue piercing. Other placements include rare orbital tongue and other tongue surface piercings. Related piercings include the tongue web piercing. Tongue piercings are gene rally Considered very useful for oral sex? piercing although that’s definitely not the only reason people get the! The location of the piercing should match the style of oral sex you will be performing. . . Some people find that piercings closer to the tip work well if you want to be performing oral sex on women, with deeper piercings being slightly better for men. Procedure Some piercers make the claim that tongue piercings should be pierced from the bottom up Most do not, and to be blunt, it does not make a whole lot of difference. It’s just the personal preference of the piercer. Healing and aftercare When a tongue piercing is first done, a great deal of swelling OCCURS, Which usually lasts as much as a week (some people find this first week very painful to the point where sleeping is difficult, but most people experience very little pain from tongue piercing). Total healing time is about a month, during Which aftercare is limited to occasionally rinses with either salt water or a mild mouthwash. Long term health issues Tongue piercings carry with them almost no infection or risks directly related to the piercing (like cancer), but they do carry any risk of tooth chipping? after all, if you bite down hard on a steel bead, what do you think will happen to your tooth? However, the risk of chipped teeth can be almost totally eliminated by wearing properly sized jewelry. For healing and initial piercing, the tongue jewelry should be 50% longer than the thickness of the tongue (normally this is 3/4 “), but once healed it is very important that a shorter bar be installed. It should be noted that tongue piercing can (Indirectly) lead to death. For example, if you get in a car accident, are brought to the hospital, and need a breathing tube inserted, it can be blocked by the tongue jewelry. If the doctors are inexperienced in dealing with piercings, this can mean no breathing tube. Even if they are, it can delay the breathing tube long enough to leave you with brain damage. While this only affects a tiny percentage of people who get their tongues pierced, it is important to think about these indirect risks with all piercings. It is important to note that tongue piercings may never “truly” heal in some people, and are a very easy way to transmit STIs through unprotected oral sex! Jewelery Most tongue piercings are performed using a straight barbell in 14ga to 10ga piercing needle using a standard procedure. Other piercers have performed this piercing using a scalpel, cutting lengthwise along the grain of the tongue to install 2ga or 0GA initial jewelry, usually a Teflon plug or even wooden jewelry? other people choose to stretch to these sizes. in the larger sizes, people may choose to wear hollow barbells with smartie beads to reduce the weight and stress on the surrounding tissue.

  6. Obviously “ME” has no idea what s / he is talking about. First Yes, you can get hepatitis, if nothing is sterile. But any GOOD tattoo / piercing place will use sterile equipment. You will know the needle / jewelry has been autoclaved if it comes out of an autoclaved package. If you are really worried about that you can ask to see their autoclave and their spore tests to make sure it is working properly. They should be glad to show you. Second Tongue piercings are the fastest healing piercings, and as long as you have good oral care (brush your teeth, use mouthwash) you should not have to worry about them getting infected. My sister’s friend WITH A NAIL pierced hers and she did not brush her teeth because she was afraid that it would not heal, and yet somehow she did not get an infection. I was amazed. . Even if you did get an infection it will not erode away your tongue. 3 & 4 – My tongue piercing is at a 1g. I can talk just as fine as I did when my tongue piercing was at a 14g. No lisp, no nothing. If you go to a good piercer, you will not damage any nerves. Be prepared for swelling for the first few days, while talking with a lisp while it is swollen. It may be hard to eat during the swelling too. To get the swelling to go down, you can suck on ice and take 800 mg of ibuprophen every few hours. Cons – you could chip a tooth. I’ve chipped Numerous teeth with my 2g barbell in. Make sure you wear the correct length jewelry. If the placement is a bit off so you could get gum recession. I had to retire my second one because after I got my third the second started rubbing against my gum, causing my gums to recede. It was very painful.

  7. ok i have had my tongue pierced for 5 years. does not hurt! i swear! until the next day when its swollen. i love mine and dont really care about the cons of it. but here they are for ya: 1) tongue rings WILL push your gums on the inside down. . Malthus for making it easy to get a tooth knocked out. its b / c its jsut were the ring lays naturally while you sleep or arent talking etc. nothing you can do about it! No matter what anyone tells you it happens to everyone but not many notice it. oh and your teeth can chip easliy too2) its one of the most dangerous piercings to get. you can loose your speech, bleed to death, have nerve damage. rarely happen but these are possible! 3) bars are easly swollowed and if the bar is long enough or sharp enough it could tear your intestin walls. i have been in the hospital several tmes for this. but all in all i really like mine. jsut there are risks you will have to take. Just think on it hard b4 you do it!

  8. Well I do not mean to scare you about it but My cousin got her Tongue pierced and it got infected really bad and her tounge was she all swollen and the whole where the barbell goes in got all red and scabby She does not know why cleaned it really well and she did not know why it got infected that bad

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