How bad do microdermal piercings hurt?

Based on personal experience- how bad did your microdermal piercing hurt?

I am planning to get two near my collar bones soon.

I’ve had a tattoo before in a generally painful; so pain isn’t an exactly what I’m afraid of.

I’d like to know so I know what to expect.

Also, any information on their PRICE & HEALING procedures would be great. Thank you!

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  1. I have never gotten one, but my friend was talking about it. She said it wasn’t as painful as she thought it would have been. It was about a 6 1/2 out of 10 on the pain scale. She said her stomach piercing was more painful. Also, for healing make sure its clean and listen to what the they instruct you to do. Infections aren’t fun.

    May you answer mine?
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  2. tattoos do not hurt. traditional piercings hurt but its so brief that you dont remember it- hence y every tends to no feel it. i have lots of piercings and tattoos and the 2 micro dermal anchors i got hurt more than any other body mod. it hurts bc it takes significantly longer to do. it really depends on ur pain tolerance. i didnt cry on mine. i made some crazy moans and groans but i didnt scream or yell or cry but im friends with my piercer and i guess the very next dermal anchors she did she referenced how good i did on mine bc the girl she was piercing was crying really really hard. my price was very cheap bc i knew the piercer and she enjoys doing them. healing was a breeze and as soon as it was over it was all good! highly highly recommend them! endure it and u wont be disappointed but yes- they hurt ( and btw- the more nervous u r abt the pain- the more ur body will keep you from feeling it in full force. also- my piercer also had a customer get an entire backpiece of them and didnt make a sound. . . . really its ur own bodys pain tolerance)

  3. It honestly just depends on where you get them and how good your pain tolerance is. Also depends on what procedure your piercer will use. My piercer used the needle to make the entry point, but some use dermal punches. My first dermal I had a star put on and the dermal sat uneven during the healing process and the star started digging into my skin. So don’t get the star until the dermal is completely healed. Healing process usually takes 1 to 3 months and they are simple to take care of. Wash with anti bacterial soap and put some salt water on them.

    Prices do vary. My piercer charges $45 but I have seen others charge $100.

  4. I have three microdermals on my lower stomach and I can honestly say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It’s really just alot of pressure and yes, it takes longer to accomplish than other piercings because the bottom of the jewelery must sit evenly under your skin. I can say that according to my piercer that did all three of my dermals, said that you should get them in place where there isn’t alot of muscle movement. It allows them to heal without being overly aggitated. Also don’t get it in any place on your body that creases. it’ll just allow bacteria to form in the crease and enter your body through your piercing. rejection for dermals is a nasty process and migration of the piercing can leave ugly scars. plus the extraction of the jewelery is a very uncomfortable process. but honestly if you baby it like no other, it’ll be fine. i love all three of mine :) totally worth it!

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