How long after getting a lip piercings do you have to wait to drink?

i’m going to get snakebites but i wanna be able to get drunk for new years how long do you have to wait untill you can drink alchol after getting the piercing?
and how long before you can eat solid foods? (i was told just like my toung piercings it takes a while before you can eat soild foods again)

4 thoughts on “How long after getting a lip piercings do you have to wait to drink?

  1. umm, i have had my lip pierced twice, and drank the following day. . it might sting but no harm was ever done. i think they probably healed nicer :)

  2. five minutes.
    drinking affects you whole body. it can def. cause problems with a new piercing. but that’s more likely to happen if you are drinking often, rather than just one night. the biggest problem is that you get drunki and forget it’s there drink out of the toilet or whatever. . .
    you can eat whatever you want whenever you want. the key is that if eating something is hurting your piercing, maybe you should try something else.
    as far as drinking alcohol causing infection goes, that’s just a myth. but again, abusing alcohol has it’s risks. so it’s up to you. but we’re so close to new years, why not just wait

  3. I just got my Monroe 3 hours ago and have been eating solids. I think the main thing is making sure you rinse your mouth out after eating so no food particles get stuck in your piercing. And ALWAYS make sure to properly clean the piercings! My artist recommended saline solution to clean the outside and mouthwash with alcohol in it to clean the inside. Don’t use peroxide or any antibacterial stuff because that kills the stuff thats healing as well as getting rid of the bad stuff. Sorry if I’m too late on this answer, too :(

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