How long can you leave your tongue piercing out?

I’m thirteen years old, and I’ve had mine for six months. (Since October 2008. ) I was wondering how long can I leave my tongue piercing out? I only want to leave it out when I sleep, then put it back in the morning. Please help me. Thanks. P. S – There is more to why I want it out at nighttime.

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  1. haha nighttime. . sounds so young.
    but anywho. . tongue piercings close up very quickly. . usually within a few hours, no matter how long youve had it. it is a muscle and muscles heal very quickly, not like your skin.
    id suggest not taking it out at all if it can be avoided. . because you will most likely wake up in the morning with no more piercing.

  2. Sweetie Tongue piercings close up so Fast. . . . I remmeber I got mine on my 18th B-Day and I had it for about 6 months- One night The ball broke off in my mouth and so I took it out and was planning to get another ring the next day. I went to put the new ring in and it wouldn’t go through. So now I have to get it re-done again.

  3. Tongues heal really fast! You won’t be able to take it out. Sorry.
    I’m surprised you aren’t use to it by now after 6 months. Good luck!

  4. i wouldnt leave it out for more than like 2-3 hours. ive had mine for 3 years and if i leave it out overnight it gets a lil tight. i am a fan of letting healed piercings breath but everyones body is different so i cant really tell u how long to take it out

  5. i have mine, but the only time i take it out is if i’m changning it.
    my mom had her’s done a long time ago and she wanted to let her’s grow up. she said it only took about 3 hours.

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