How long I can wait, change the jewelry for my nipple piercing?

I have my nipples pierced, and for the stabbing, I was given standard stainless steel weights. I have always CBR (Captive Bead Ring liked) for the best female nipple piercings. How long should I wait before I tried to change the jewelry? And please no negative comments about your dislike of nipple piercings. Only sound advice, please.

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  1. My sister had them. the person who pierced it said wait for about 10 months. I know for a long time, but you want dnt sorry, if you decide to change them before to clean, and perfumed lotion Ringesterilisieren.Es does not help to rub your chest so that they heal better

  2. I had both of mine pierced and I waited for about five or six months before I changed. . . I put matching tongue rings in them and it looked so pretty. It all depends on how well your body heals. Just make sure cause if it changes to the new piercing very well sterlize if they become infected they hurt so bad. . . espically with your bra against them all day. and remember clean hands! Good luck!

  3. I took out and changed it to plastic after a month. Just shower daily to clean it every time its dirty and always use antibacterial soap!

  4. you should wait up to 3 months or when you stop bleeding or pussing. It usually takes three months. Rotate the ring in the shower and clean with soap.

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