How long is a lip piercing suppost to hurt for?

I just gotten a lip piercing supposed is my first piercing ever also. I gotten a lip ring on my right side and it has been hurting me pretty bad. So bad it iunbearablele to eat even soft foods. I have been cleaning ievery timeme I eat, before I go to bed, when I wake up in the morning and move it around to prevent it from healing in place. Can any of you experts tell me what else I should do or what I am doing wrong?

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  1. how long ago did you get it?

    try chewing slow with your mouth open to have minimal contact with the piercing

    you dont have to move it around though, especially with a ring, that will make it heal a lot slower
    just leave it alone
    clean the outside with sea salt just a couple times a day
    clean the inside with alcohol free mouthwash every time you eat, smoke, etc.

    if the pain is really that bad, go see your piercer, otherwise stop moving it
    every day mouth contact with the piercing will prevent it from healing in place

    also keep the jewelry itself really really clean too

  2. mine hurt for about 5-7 days after getting it done, it was hard to talk and eat!
    it was also bruised and swollen, but i kept cleaning it and it went away

    if you are having serious problems with it though you should definitely go back to your piercer, he or she will know more than i do haha

  3. Dont over clean it
    only rinse your mouth after eatin dont like clean it with salt water

    and dont move it around. its ment to heal in one place. . .

    you say you’ve got a ring. . bad idea. they take alot longer to heal.
    personaly i would go get it changed to a stud.
    what are you cleaning it with?
    try sea salt mixed with water.

    hope i helped

  4. If you keep it clean and don’t play with it too much then it should only hurt for 3 to seven days. Just don’t play with it, keep it clean, and don’t change the lip ring too early.

  5. mine hurt for probably a week or a little less just eat slowly and if it helps try to chew your food on the opposite side of the piercing. good luck!

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