How much do monroe piercings hurt?

Are monroe peircings more painful than belly and nose? I really want one but I also want belly and nose. I am not sure which one to get. But I love the monroe piercings.

4 thoughts on “How much do monroe piercings hurt?

  1. I’m sure they are less painful than a nose piercing. the nose has cartilage.

    I haven’t had a monroe, but I’ve had my lip done several times and I could hardly feel it, really.

  2. They’re less painful than a belly piercings, but slightly more than a nose piercings.
    But it all depends on your pain threshold and piercer.

  3. Well. . . . . . I ASKED THAT EXACT SAME QUESTION!!!! And you know what my solution was??? While the strange man was piercing my flesh I had a sudden urge (or inspiration) to blow up a balloon. And I always carry around extra balloons for sad children. So you know what I did then??? I blew up that balloon. And sure it didn’t help with the pain at all, and sure the strange man called me a weirdo, and sure the manager kicked me out of the store because he thought I was crazy dangerous. . . . . . . but you know what??? That balloon made my day! And maybe it could make yours too. I hope that answered your question.

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