Is it normal for my ear lobe piercings to bleed after I shower?

I got them pierced about 3 days ago. Now whenever I shower, one of my ears will start bleeding a little. Is this normal? Why would a shower make me bleed?
Ok, first, I’m not trying to be mean, but I know that rubbing alchohal is horrible for piercings, and the little bottle of the cleaner the piercer gives you barely helps at all if anything. I would really love some more opinions from professionals or people who have had a lot of piercings, thanks!

11 thoughts on “Is it normal for my ear lobe piercings to bleed after I shower?

  1. you should go to the doctor because earlobes bleeding is bad seriously see a doctor ( remember to clean them everyday with alcohol or something. )

  2. yeah it could be the force of the shower head on your ear causing the scab to dislodge. its quite normal

  3. no it is not normal, it could be infected i suggest u should go to the doctors soon before it gets worse.

  4. Well, they shouldn’t be bleeding a lot. I mean, just a drop if anything. If it’s a lot more, you really need to see a doctor – your piercer could have done it wrong or not have had clean equipment. If it’s just a drop, you’re probably okay. Make sure you clean your piercings everyday with either the solution the piercer gave you, or rubbing alcohol. That will prevent infections and help them heal – don’t forget!
    As for why the shower did that. . . the heat? Or maybe the force of the water.
    And if they don’t stop bleeding soon, visit a doctor – they should form a good scab quickly and stop bleeding, and if they don’t you could have a problem.
    Hope this helps and keep those ears clean! :)

  5. the warm water opens the vessels and you bleed. Just as you would put ice on bruise to stop the reaction as the vessels contract. This shouldn’t go on too long if it does,go see your doctor.

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