2 thoughts on “What age can a minor get cartilage, facial and body piercings in Washington state with parental consent?

  1. With parental consent you can be just about any age except if the piercer feels you are to young they won’t pierce you. Without parental consent you have to be 18 or in some places 16. To be sure you should call different studios in your area and ask them about their polices on piercing minors.

  2. From what I understand, ears can be pierced at birth(a parent has to go when your very young, or u cant get there) once your 10 you can get ears peirced without parental consent. 15 you can get a navel and body peircing, depending on where u live(Boston or NY can be w/o consent. Piercing Pagoda where I plan to get my navel peirced tomorrow!! yay! Is the best spot. They sterilize and are pros and are quite comforting, plus they do not require consent!!Good Luck and Love you!!

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