What are these knots on my ear lobe near my piercing?

I had my ears pierced a long time ago when I was a child, but I always get these swollen lumps in the skin of my ear, that one and start to hurt when I touch them. Then go away and they come back, this is done in both ears, but I’m not sure if the piercing has nothing to do with it. What are they?

3 thoughts on “What are these knots on my ear lobe near my piercing?

  1. Keloids (small bumps). . . I have one because I kept my touch shellfish. apparently rubbing alcohol gets rid of them, but I havn’t probiert.Sie are harmless, as far as I know, and they häufig.Wenn very large bumps, about the size of your thumb pad have, it’s an infection. Take it out is my best suggestion. . . . If I had my industrial pierced, it infected so bad, I had a huge lump in my throat after I got him the infection completely went away.

  2. I had one behind my ear and my doctor said it was from where the piercing …juice stuff (haha) was leaking down inside of my skin ,behind my ear. He gave me an antibiotic and it went away.

  3. Taking a piercing out when it is infected is the worst thing you can do. then infection stays in your body when the holes heal up. You should if nothing else get an antibiotic of some sort and get rid of the infection before you take out a piercing!

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