What can i do to make my belly button piercing hurt less when its being pierced?

So this Saturday i am getting my belly button pierced and i want to minimize the pain as much as i can. So i was just wondering if there was anything i can do before the piercing to make it hurt less. Like drink a lot of water or take some type of medicine. I’m 13 by the way.

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  1. Belly Buttons really aren’t that bad, girlfriend was actually laughing after she got it done because it tickled ha ha, but smooth/soft skin can help a surface piercing like that.

  2. if you have an extremely low pain tolerance then maybe if you take a panadol about half an hour before you get it done should help a little. Also eat/drink something with allot of sugar in it just before. I know being nervous will make your appetite go away but you must eat/drink or else you will faint. Wile your waiting take deep breaths from the stomach no the shoulders (when you breath in your stomach goes out) some people think when you take a deep breath your shoulders are supposed to go up. That type of breathing makes me nerves worse. When getting pierced take a deep breath in just before the needle goes through and slowly let it go as the needle slides through. Do the same for the jewelry. You may think, oh that wont work. It does work wonders for the pain.

  3. well i had mine done a week ago and it didn’t hurt at all!
    all that i felt was a sharp prick as the needle touched my skin (the same as if you touch the top of a sewing needle briefly) and then another sharp prick (the same again pretty much) as they put the jewellery in. so don’t worry about the pain too much, it’s not bad at all! i couldn’t even feel it after it had been done, i just got a bit of a bruise around the top ball (which i still have a little bit of) but that only hurts if it gets hit (so don’t play soccer or anything like that!)

    as for minimising the minimal pain that there is, however, i would say don’t drink a lot of water because that might make you feel really fit and if you’re really full your tummy won’t be loose and you’ll probably feel it more. . . . but that’s just a guess, i could be wrong!
    i found that watching videos of belly button piercings on youtube helped because i knew exactly what was going to happen, so i wasn’t too scared of the pain because most of the people said it didn’t hurt.
    i’d say just don’t watch them do it, and it won’t hurt much at all. . . . and they should tell you to take a deep breath right before they do it so that it won’t hurt too much.

    hope this helps, and good luck with your piercing! :)

  4. i just got mine done and it honestly didn’t hurt at all. you feel a pinch and a tad bit of discomfort, but nothing extremely bad! and you should wait a while to get it done, its not a good idea to do it when you are that young because you are still growing so it can really be bad for the piercing! i would say wait a few more years, and don’t take any pain killers, they thin your blood and will make you bleed a lot!

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