What do guys think of cartilage piercings?

Opinions? I pierced my left thought the first cartilage (top), and I want to know what people go see denken.Wie men, girls with cartilage piercings? Thank you!

10 thoughts on “What do guys think of cartilage piercings?

  1. I think if the girl is confident in her piercing it’s not a bad thing. these are common over so its not like its uncommon. . . I can not really see many guyts a problem with it. . . Well, if you interesting ear piercings as I could then begin to ask: P but piercings build my confidence to think so i dont care wut people lol. . . If your worried about what people think. . . No piercings and r good. .

  2. Yer sounds good, but it would not get hurt lolAber, too many, maybe you do is tarty.Might. 0

  3. I think it looks nice on a girl. (I have my left ear pierced too.) Non 50 billion of them, but it is nice. On a guy, but. . . I think it looks terrible. Most guys, I should say. Some have actually removed it. It depends on your face, I guess. Not your gender.

  4. I have a cartilage piercing on the left. Im not a guy but I’m a lesbian, if that helps lol. . Hm, just a piercing, most people have them. i honestly dont think it matters, I doubt they care. . . I think they are pretty. , Will accept it easily (it’s infected hurts that bad you get pierced … About the same as a cloth piercing), but it hurts a bit and is sensitive to touch for up to one year. Ive had mine since Christmas and I cannot sleep yet on him. not excruciating pain or anything, let alone dont u keep it back. and also. . . why it does not matter what people think? They should be yourslef and get a bf who you like for you. not a slave to be and do whatever he pleases as a 50-home girl. offense thats sad for nothing. <3 <3Stechpalme

  5. I think they look sweet. It also depends on to carry the type of jewelry you. There are several tunnels and tires to choose from. Personally, I would like to do my cartilage and get a hoop. I think they are looking awesome.

  6. I have pierced my cartilage and do not even notice most people, but you really should not worry about what other people when you can get it then you should not get something or something is just because someone else wants the opinion of think if I would have listened to people I would not think of my piercings and tattoos I’m very happy that I will not listen to them and, and, if a man over a stabbing then you do not judge him. fyi, if or when it pierced does it hurt about as much as a lobe piercing, and I think it was two months before I could change I certainly can not remember whether.

  7. I have the cartilage in my left and right ear pierced and I love them and would totally recomend and female to get them pierced regardless of age.

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