22 thoughts on “What do you think of double ear holes?

  1. I think double piercings are awesome! I want to get that. Frankly, I think tho two to one and one on the other side is a little strange, but if you want, I would just do it!

  2. Yeah, I like them, to the Frau.Ich have 4 holes in one ear and three in the other. Personal choice. I used to have more, but I looked trashy and took them out.

  3. Ok, if in the right places. Otherwise, two (or more) is a bit exaggerated, I guess, more information is needed. . .

  4. Yes, it’s pretty normal, I’m going to get me at some done, now I only have one set of holes, and one industrial.

  5. I think that is ok. . . I used 3 in one ear and four in the other. . . now I only have two in each.

  6. Both ears should be double peirced! otherwise does look good, I like it I have it, it has for yearssssss!

  7. I have 3 in each ear, and it looks good, but how the ear are the earrings should always be smaller because they have thinner part of the ear.

  8. I like it, but then again i used to 6 in one ear and four on the other, until a few months ago when I cleared it. . Now I have 6 on each ear and the only thing is, who are on my rag a bit crowded

  9. I had the time I was a teenager 16 or 17 years. It was drill a little crazy at that time for the boys, both ears, but now it is normal.

  10. omg omg, I want to get a second hole earring in both ears, but my mother does not like. so i cannot get it until the 18th! in 13 now, but if you can get a second ear hole on both ears, and put small Dimond studs in them. I also saw someone small and large diamond star studs diamond earring studs in the first hole, which had looked really cute. .

  11. I have double ear lobe piercings in both ears, and double piercings in both ears. . . I have no problem

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