What size straight barbell to use for a cheek piercing?

I am piercing my cheeks & need to know what size barbell to use. 3/8 or 7/8? Please DO NOT answer my question by telling me to go to a professional to get it done, Thanks !

2 thoughts on “What size straight barbell to use for a cheek piercing?

  1. I honestly would start out with an inch bar i know its big then in 6 weeks you can change to a smaller barbell,
    but I had my cheeks done for 3 years and they swell up really really big and you need all the room you can get because if there is to much pressure they could reject in the long run.
    And make sure you take good care of them they get infected super easy.
    Good luck.

  2. Longer the better, at first they will be very swollen and if they ever get irritated (which they will, cheek piercings are ridiculously finicky) it’s good to have a longer barbell to relieve them. Once they have gone a long time without infection and you’re confident you can change your barbell, then you can size down.

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