Should I get two or three lobe piercings?

I already have one, where most girls have their piercings. I was planning getting another one, two on the lobe. Although most people have three on their lobe, and it doesn’t look that bad.
Should I have two in total, or three?

Also, I would like to get a cartilage piercing. Should I only get it on one ear, or both ears?

3 thoughts on “Should I get two or three lobe piercings?

  1. Get three, more is better lol
    and with a cartilage probably just in the one ear although i have one in one ear and in the other i’ve got an industrial so i guess its down to personal taste.

  2. I have my lobes done four times, but just use the top three because my bottom hole droops too much. Three looks cool.

  3. It is really what you’re more comfortable getting. I’ve got three on my bottom lobes and this past Monday I just got one more piercing on each ear on my cartilage. I absolutely LOVE! my piercings! Think about what you really want. The skin will always grow back, though. =)

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