Can a blue tattoo be changed to an orange tattoo, or will the colors mix and become brown?

To all tattoo artists, I have a blue butterfly that I would like to have changed to orange. I know on the color wheel blue and orange make brown, does this apply to tattoos? Or can it be changed to orange?

7 thoughts on “Can a blue tattoo be changed to an orange tattoo, or will the colors mix and become brown?

  1. I would think no, because orange is lighter than blue, so it wouldn’t be able to cover the blue all the way so they would mix and be a gross color.

    I don’t know for sure, but that what I think. Call a tattoo shop and ask them, or go in and see what they can do with it :-]

  2. Well how long have you had the tattoo, if you had it for awhile it doesn’t mix the colors.

  3. Im not an expert but I think it would really depend on how dark the blue is. If it is a dark blue then the orange wouldnt even show up over it. I know that yellow is a color that is hard to get to show up on lots of peoples skin and orange is just slightly darker so Id think its not possible to change blue to orange.

  4. You cant cover a darker color with a lighter one. This is why you see so many lame tribal, black panther, or other big dark & stupid tattoos. They’re mostly cover-ups for that wonderful tattoo of your ex’s name that you got after 2 weeks of knowing each other as a sign of your undying affection.

    I suggest getting a big black panther face over your blue butterfly and getting your orange one somewhere else, because that would be more effective than trying to change the one you already have to a lighter color.

    (Disclaimer: I’m not serious about the ugly cover up. But you should have really thought about the tat you wanted, INCLUDING THE COLORS, before you had it put on you. )

  5. No, it doesn’t do that as the ink is already healed into your skin, but trying to cover a dark tattoo with a lighter colour could be relentless, and turn out to be really horrible, as you wont be able to get a bright orange colour, you will have to go with a darker colour, unless it is a baby blue, then it may work. I doubt it will though. Go see what the guy who did it sais, he ma be able to sort it.

  6. It’s the concept of a cover-up tattoo, except you just want the color changed. No, it won’t mix. They’ll just go over everything with a different color.

  7. Do not try to change it to orange. Another shade of blue is possible, or a green. But warm colors mixed with cold colors won’t work.

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