Can I get a tattoo with my birth certificate and a form of photo ID?

I have no driver’s license, nor any other form of gov with a Lichtbildausweis.Aber I ask myself if I came with my college ID (which has my picture) and my birth certificate, I could end my tattoo.

11 thoughts on “Can I get a tattoo with my birth certificate and a form of photo ID?

  1. Maybe you should have a driver’s license or another form of government id (like a passport), rather than a tattoo.

  2. You would have on the individual tattoo artist, you hope to use are to speak.

  3. Most places I can not believe that fly know – there’s no possibility of guarantee that your university ID is valid or is a fake. When you go to the DMV, you can use a regular card. It is not that expensive, and there is no permit, but looks exactly like one, and would be regarded as valid. Better safe than sorry, and you never know when you have to prove your identity. :)

  4. You do not want to any place that does not mean making excessive government regulations. What would a gov. Photo id issued are, if they are willing to break the rules for you, you can not trust they are clean and professional. You can use a photo id from the license branch for $ 5 – you do not need a license for this and it is for getting a job done.

  5. Yeah, get the tattoo, where everyone can see it is really easy. Also, your Social Security number directly under your name.

  6. I thought you could get a tattoo you ask your birth certificate. That would be fun! You know, you should consider the DMV and get an ID card goverenment. looks like a driver’s license and works for getting you in bars and the like. Good luck!

  7. Yea birth certificate should be fine and a ID.Aber the guy who is not familiar to me and does it from his house.

  8. If you are old enough to have to get a tattoo, then I’m pretty sure you need to have a form of government ID. I did not think it was legal to be over 18 without an ID

  9. They could. You should really have a driver’s license makes it a lot easyer things.

  10. Comments, if you need some form of government, or better yet as a state driver’s liscense id. Go to your local DMV (Department of mortar vehicles) and apply for a state ID. It is a picture of your state issued ID. works just like a diver would liscense for identification purposes. ((It allows you to not drive any type of vehicle)) He says, just at the tip ID is and widly instead of a drivers liscense excpeted as it has for the most part the same information, name, date of birth address and all that other relevant information. And yes, you have to pay a small fee.

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