Can you cover up a black tattoo with a flesh colored ink?

I got a tattoo 10 years ago I hate and I want it removed. I can’t afford laser surgery and want to know if there is anyway to have it covered up or removed?

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  1. You can’t cover black ink. Try www. tat2bgone. com. I’ve never tired it, but I would think it’s worth a shot. I’ve also heard something about Wrecking ball balm or something. Google it.

  2. No, you can’t cover black with anything but more black. Otherwise the colour will just look muddy.

    Think of pencil crayons – if you mark up a picture with a black pencil crayon, using a white pencil crayon on top of it doesn’t make it go back to white – it makes it lighter, but still muddy.

    I would suggest speaking with an experienced tattoo artist on designs that you can use to cover it if you don’t want to opt for laser removal.

  3. What the girl said about the crayons is right on. As cool as that would be, it does not work. If you want the tattoo removed, your only real options are laser removal or getting it cut off, and both can cause pretty bad scarring.

    try going to a really really good artist and asking them about a cover up. It’s pretty impressive what they can do, as long as you go to a quality artist.

  4. Unforunately Rose is wrong in her information. People no longer get tattoos ‘cut off’. There is no need to excise a tattoo when laser removal is so successful. And no, you do not scar from it. Research a good doctor, ask to see examples of their work with tattoo removal, and you will be fine. I have had many tattoos lasered and I have absolutely no scars…just zero ink! It can be pricy, but you can sometimes get the doctor to give you a flat rate for the full removal. Good luck!

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