Does wearing long sleeves while a forearm tattoo is peeling effect the healing process?

I’ve been wearing long sleeves at work to cover up the new tattoo and been noticing that dead skin peels when I roll the sleeves up to put the ocean foam on. The shirt doesn’t really rub up too much on the tattoo, nor iritate it.

10 thoughts on “Does wearing long sleeves while a forearm tattoo is peeling effect the healing process?

  1. As long as it isn’t irritating it, it shouldn’t be a problem. The scabs are going to peel off anyhow. . as long as the shirt sleeves aren’t tearing them off or causing discomfort, I’d imagine you will be fine. If you are too worried about it, you can tape saran-wrap over it (or a similar cover).

  2. As long as the shirt isn’t too tight or rubbing the skin you should be fine and no it shouldn’t effect the healing process. If the shirt is too tight or rubs the skin you may pull some of the color off of the tattoo. That is why most studios give free touch ups incase things like that happen.

  3. It’s completely normal for it to peel. . . that means it’s healing properly. Just make sure that the sleeves are not tight on the tattoo is all. And keep using that Ocean Foam. . . that’s good stuff.

    Never cover a healing tattoo with seran wrap. It will not allow air to reach the tattoo. It’s about as bad a covering that tattoo with vasilene.

  4. It’s supposed to peel but be careful when you roll up your sleeves that peeling skin could also pull out some of the the color leaving lil blank spots. . . . such as if you can feel a pulling of skin from your tattoo that’s not good wear a looser fiting shirt. . . . other than that, you’re ok.

  5. it doesn’t interupt the healing process, it just slows it down a bit because the tattoo can’t breathe as freely. don’t worry about it. i had to wear long sleeves when i first got mine done too, and it still healed great.

  6. I’ll agree with most of the stuff said above – a loose fitting long sleeve shouldn’t be a problem, but a tight fitting could.

    I’ll go further and say that a loose sleeve may even help a little, for the following reasons:

    The tattoo does need air, true, but not a constant breeze. A *small* restriction of airflow – just a reduction, really, and nothing like the bad idea of a saran wrap – will prevent the skin from drying out so easily. Keeping the skin supple and not dry is a key to good healing (note I don’t say wet, damp, or even moist).

    The longer sleeve makes it less likely the tattoo will see sun – always a plus, but especially so early on. It’s far too easy for most people to step out into the day & then realize, some while later, that their tattoo has just been in the sun the entire time. . .

  7. that is part of the healing process. you should be fine. as long as it doesn’t turn red and irritating you should be okay

  8. It shouldn’t be a problem as long as the shirt isn’t rubbing on the tattoo. If you would feel more comfortable applying a layer or plastic wrap between your tattoo and shirt, this is perfectly fine. Just make sure that when you get home from work you take it off to allow your tattoo to breathe. I suggest doing this. Whats peeling off is the scabs, and as long as it isn’t in large chunks, this is natural.

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