For a Small Tattoo , How long would it take to get it done ?

How long do you think it would take for a Small Star Tattoo to be Tattooed on my Hip ? With no Colour or Shading or Anything.
I just want the Outline of the Star and it will be about the size of a Water Bottle Cap , I don’t want it Shaded in or anything , Just the Outline . And I want a really Super Uber Small Heart on my wrist beside my Wrist Bone just under my actual Hand.

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  1. well it really matters by the ACTUAL size that you want it, and where you want it. .
    going to sound horrible, but if your a larger person you really have to dig at the skin :/
    if your thinner then, its no trouble :)
    litrally 5-30 seconds if its that small :) try and find the most cheapest person you can though, no need in spending lots if its small :)
    my mum is a tattoo artist in britain, and shes quite well known!
    she loves that sort of design, so if your in britain, go by her shes an expert. (kokopelli ink)
    but trust me, it looks SO much better with a little colour and shading!
    get a few more than just the 1, make it into a propper design and show off ya hips ;D.
    hope this helps

  2. If we’re talking like an inch or so, it probably won’t take more than 5 or 10 minutes. From them placing it and then tattooing it, it will probably take about 15 minutes total, if you just want the outline.

  3. how small? I got one that covers my bicep and it took 3 hours. so less than that lol.
    no but let’s say it’s just the outline of a star, the size of a coke can. . . like 15 minutes lol. (not including prep) if it’s a solid black star that size I bet it would take like half an hour, give or take

  4. Hi, I am a tattoo artist.
    My first advice is to check out your artists. DON’T SETTLE FOR CHEAP! Cheap does not mean good, and stars are one of the most difficult tattoos to do if you are not experienced, ESPECIALLY if it is small.
    Go to an established studio and talk to the people there. They will be able to give you an accurate price and all the information you need, after all, it’s what they do!

    You will get a better deal on something larger, or getting both your little tattoos at the same time.
    Prices vary from state to state, but remember, you shouldn’t price shop for something that’s permanent.
    A good shop will give you a great tattoo, and experience.

  5. Heed peoples advice against cheap tattoos. You can get a good tattoo or you can get a cheap tattoo. You cant get a good, cheap tattoo.

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