How can I prevent the ink from a tattoo from bleeding?

My friend is an apprentice, and he gave me a tattoo last night. I was wondering if there a way to get the ink from the tattoo from bleeding to halten.Irgendwelche tips? Thank you! The tattoo is under my arm, not visible unless I raise my hand. haha

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  1. Where’s the tattoo? Keep it fall, as mush as you can. Use sunscreen if you have not been revealed. Not sure what else to do besides this.

  2. You should not put sunscreen on a fresh Tätowierung.Es is new, so It’s gonna bleed a little for the first day or two. It’s your body’s natural reaction to push ink which did not make it all the way to the dermis layer, it should have from your body. After that it should not be bleeding ink. By the third day I had no bleeding was no ink, and it began to heal, so I would apply a fragrance-and dye lotion a few times a day.

  3. the ink should never bleed. This means that the needle is pushed too far down into the skin, and since your friend is an apprentice, this is useful. he / she was probably not as good as it could be one day, and pushed the needle too far by accident. There is no way to fix this if you bleed the laser, and to prevent the only way to do it correctly to the tattoo in the first place.

  4. Of course you go to bleed, because it is an open wound with ink’s. I suggest for the first day of a healing ointment, water-base used ist.Ich “Aquaphor Healing Ointment” Have not packed, then it can not get oxygen, and help to heal it right. After those few days, you just use a basic fragrance and dyes Lotion.Hoffe that I helped!

  5. Do not use oily lotion, a cream Lotion.Ich’m always recommended polysporin cream on my application.

  6. There is no real way to prevent this, it depends on your body. If you are drinking alcohol to 24 hours before the date of the tattoo ink is caused to be because running ur blood thined. Even if you help a “bleeder”, if you have tattoos you can, and that it will cause the ink to bleed through. Now that I read more in ur question and u already saw it sooooo heres my advice: Neosporin or petroleum-based ointment is going to: 1 Drag the color from your Tattoo.2. Do not allow tattoo to breathe remember, this is an open Wunde.3. Collect dust and Allergene.4. make the tattoo should look shittySie a lotion without odors or colors to use, works like Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter or lubiderm great too. If you have any old lotion, u had around to use for a long time, it may pull the color from your tattoo. Scented lotions will sting like hell, irritate your tattoo and the delay Heilungsprozess.Verwenden just enough lotion slightly moisten the skin. not over lube it, it should not be wet. If your tattoo is wet, will swell the skin and create thick crusts, which, you guessed it is, drag the color from your tattoo. so, as it under his arm, ur not sure how long u been there or what stage of healing, it is but keep it clean and dry lubricated and btw can u sunscreen on a tattoo, no matter how old or new. It is recommended, because the sun fade the tattoo and make it look like shit. even after it is still on it put sunblock SPF 50 is the best cure.

  7. my tattoo was alittle when I got it. i will be 4 acouple days. Use antibacterial soap dial 2 sink it pat, dry. cover the entire area with Tattoo Goo – u can get it at tattoo parlors. Clean the night b4 bed, then cover it with plastic wrap til morning. Those were my two instructions take care of my tat and it’s perfect.

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