How long and how much does cost a pretty good size tattoo?

I plan always a phoenix tattooed on my back shoulder, it is still be a little larger than my shoulder blade, rather recording 4.1 or a little less of my entire back. It will have many different colors and shades. So my question is, how many hours will it be if I do not have to do to avoid any breaks or to take something and how much would it take for a good tattoo artist costs to do it?

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  1. Well, I guess that u wud hav dun hav to put it in a few sessions – cos it wud take a few hours, and most tattoo artists do not like doing much at once. no idea on the price tho M8

  2. Absolutely none of us can answer that question. For discussion of the artist you are planning will – each artist works in a different pace and different duties.

  3. If you’ve never one before then know not how much pain you are going to be able to get you take. . . . and in some areas hurt more than others. you have to take a break and then the artists. When I was a sparrow on my back, it took almost an hour and a half, and the artist has a ten-minute break, to stop with me, because sometimes it was more than I could take. Plan to take plently of time and go in and talk to the artist. They can give you a better idea of the time and price. Also learn from my mistakes. Cheap is not necessarily better. This opinion is by you for the rest of your life and its quite an investment to be worth.

  4. And one thing that all tattoos do just about all over the world the same time, and cost the same think! Go talk to your tattoo artist – no one will know but he did. We do not know how fast he works, how detailed it is or how much he charges. Or even what country you are in.

  5. My friend has tattooed a Gothic fairy tale from the middle back to the small of her back. She got it done in Panama City Beach, Florida. It rolled her $ 350. 00th I’m not sure how long it took. Each tattoo artist takes different time to do the tattoo. I know that the care is important. I would recommend going to a tattoo studio with a good reputation. I have people to infections and disappointments will get a more favorable place has known. Good luck wherever you decide to go.

  6. probably about 200 to about 250dollars and without breaks, which would be crazy, maybe about 2 1 / 5-3 takes Stunden.Aber course this is only my opinion and from past experiences. Is it to get an accurate time and costs, you need to talk to your tattoo artist! Hope that helps, however.

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