How long does it hurt to apply lotion, a tattoo?

I have a tattoo on the exterior of my left ankle last week. It was seven days, and it is still a little tender when I rub Lupriderm important is how long it? The tattoo looks fantastic, it is not red at all and everything looks very healthy.

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  1. There are some tattoos take longer than others to heal, depending on the type of ink and the person. Sometimes there may be a month or so before you stop putting something on it. I’ve healed in 8 days and its 99%, I dont even have to put lotion any more.

  2. It’s still tender, because you’re still in the lotion on it. You think it is too moist, so it does not heal naturally. Stop doing everything for him and let him heal.

  3. If you do too much, it is not good. Also. . . If you use scented lotion. It might irritate it. Allow to catch some air. To allow your body the natural way to heal the trauma.

  4. Many lotions contain lanolin (wool and oil) and petrolatum (a key ingredient in Vaseline). . Many people have bad reactions (her body just can not handle it) to lanolin, many people are actually allergic to it. Petrolatum is it hard to breathe for your tattoo, which will make the healing process longer and harder. . I would suggest you wash off Lubriderm and Cetaphil Fragrance Free switch to lotion. Use a small amount, so it only slightly damp.

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