How long must I wait to shave my legs after getting a tattoo on my leg?

I really do not want to ruin my new tattoo and I’m not sure how long I wait to shave around. I got a tattoo two weeks ago last Friday and one on that Samstag.Vielen Thanks in advance for genuine consultation.

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  1. Wait until the scabbing is over. Until then, to shave him. Keep it well moisturized. I am moving with cocoa butter on new tattoos.

  2. a tattoo is under the first layer of the skin. . . I would be more concerned if they really sensitive. u should be good to go on the shaved and not Rewenig

  3. You should of asked instead of the tattoo. Go back and ask them, I’m sure, just after it cools down the redness and irratation.

  4. Well, I have a tattoo for about a year and now I’d never have this problem they cause on my arm and I do not shave that part. But you want to wait two weeks for the area where your tattoo is healing. Once the skin is completely healed and there is no scabbing you should be able to shave. But then it also depends on how big the tattoo is the cause of the bigger it is, the longer it will take to heal. Just be sure the skin completely healed and then you will be able to shave. Hope this helps.

  5. to heal a tattoo must be 4-6 weeks. You do not want to shave until the skin is completely healed, as it looks and feels like the skin around it. One week, two weeks, three weeks early. Shave to it for now. The skin appears to look healed without scabbing or peeling, but it will have to look very weak, but it has not healed. During the healing process, your tattoo take on many different symptoms and sometimes can see it is healed, but it is not. Your hair really should not rush to grow again in the area while the skin heals. Give it time, and take care of your tattoo.

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