How long should I keep the bandage on my new tattoo?

I get my first tattoo done on Saturday and I have different things said by everyone, I was wondering how long I should keep the bandage on. All tips on maintenance of information and tips for cleaning it would be great, take auch.Vielen Thanks!

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  1. an hour to a few hours and no longer really need not be that well on them langesollten you have said, where U Got It Done at-what to do and how to take care of it

  2. Why do not you simply go ask the person to do, to tattoo for you. I would think he / she would be reliable. . .

  3. Keep the patch on until he is cured! as long as you can leak or bleed feel like you can on him. . . and when it’s over, do not pick up scabbed over, you can mess up and it will look very blotchy. take care of it like any other “wound”. To wash you keep it clean.

  4. Now I had to keep to two hours, and just use the lotion that they give you, and if you wash, do not worry, just wash and Dont SCRATCH! Good luck, send pictures when its done!

  5. Does your artist tell you that? As you have noted, there are a lot of different methods. Personally, I wrap off in 1-4 hours. Do not leave it too long, the skin needs to breathe is all the more any better. The time I drop it on to how bad it weint.Ich wash it with Provon A & D and rely on them. I continue to wash twice a day and apply A & D, if necessary, until it stops flaking (usually about 4 days for me), then I turn on non-scented lotion, until they settled.

  6. An hour or so, otherwise you will have a hard time getting it off because it starts to dry your tattoo. (This actually happened to me) Your artist will tell you how to take care of it and how long they keep falling aber.xx

  7. Ask your tattoo artist, should he / she be able to offer you a better answer than Internet folk. That being said, I have 4 and I each had a different period. It depends on what I do on that day. If you are in a relatively dust-free environment, should meet one or two hours. If you work or do something where you can dress it will rub, you can have it for more.

  8. As far as I know, she keeps on until it stops hurting. Believe me, it should stop after about three weeks huting. To clean I use a sponge (fine soap in the sponge), it stings at first, but you get over it.

  9. Keep the bandage for 2 hours after the tattoo is done and then be sure to wash with antibacterial soap and warm water. Let dry for about a week to heal and heal and then the smallest amount of gold bond healing lotion (about $ 5 at Walmart and white and blue bottle) and put lotion on light tattoo. . The experience with men half sleeve tattoo and my second plus 5 more . Hope I could help. . . whatever you do, not PUT A & D ointment, vaseline, triple antibiotic ointment, alcohol, no scratching. . . and do not let sit in water too long. . as this can cause the tattoo to heal, like crap and look really bad. . just ask your tattoo artist and they will tell you. . and remove what you do not otherwise the skin when it peeling

  10. I have said contradictory things, too. I personally keep it for about two hours (1-4 I said was, so I thought two would be good). Someone mentioned until it healed – yeah. . No, it is a wound. and how wounds, all of them atmen.Ich’m pretty religious with my tattoo aftercare, and this is my normal process: Take-off bandage after two hours, wash with antibacterial liquid (Frangrance free!) soap, gently stroking (not wipe) with a clean, dry Tuch.Apply-thin layer of A & D ointment on it three times daily for 3 Tage.Switch to-Frangrance free Curel or Lubriderm (I have both and like both), use three times daily for 5 days, then put on lotion verwendet. whenever it feels or looks trocken.Und if (and when) it starts itching, scratching you do not. Slightly beat the skin to get lindern.NICHT at the scab. I knew that on my wrist tattoo (it was my second way back when) and I have to get it erneuert.Jedenfalls what you say tattoo artist to be heard. . . Each artist has their reccommendations. All this is exactly what I have done, and all (except the wrist: [) healed perfectly.

  11. The association is about an hour. If you remove the bandage you can clean it by dabbing with a wet towel. Do not scrub it, and do not use soap. The best aftercare keeps moist with bacitracin ointment, or other equivalent bacitracin. This will help it from scabbing. If you are crusts, DO NOT choose, picking will affect the quality and look of the tattoo. Also apply a little extra bacitracin to it, when you shower, this will help the water and prevent the tattoo from drying out. This process takes about ten days, then you should be aware. I know it’s hard, but it works, I have this on the four tattoos I have and I never had a problem scab, and the color looks great! Good luck!

  12. they will tell you exactly what they put into the place where you did. and I think you should not leave it covered for so long. It must have to heal you just put lotion every so often, they will tell you

  13. If I have on my right shoulder blade, told everyone to keep the bandage on for a few hours, then take it off. . I was afraid of the peeling of drying it. I thought it was on all day and into the next afternoon, while I found it hard lubed with bacitracin ointment. It looked great and I didn’t have to deal with any peeling paint and the fear of looking patchy. (Oh, and did keep it from direct sun until their at least 5 days old for Fading questions)

  14. Hold the patch in two hours. when it is off, they wash with the hand slightly antibacterial “soap”, blotting it dry with a clean cloth. After washing in, put a generous amount lubriderm (unscented) hand cream on them. You should wash 3-4 times per day and put the lotion on it 70-10 times per day. I know a lot tell you to use A + D ointment, but not really necessary.

  15. You need it only for ever for one or two hours after you have done. Also you have to wash them every day with soap and water with only your hands. Then put some kind of moisturizer on them.

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