How long should I use Aquaphor for my tattoo?

So I got my tattoo three days ago and I’ve been putting Aquaphor on three times daily. It’s healing very nicely and now I think it’s almost at the peeling stage. The tattoo artist told me to apply Aquaphor for two weeks. But, I’ve been reading a lot a few days after that I should switch to unscented lotion on. I was just curious as to what everyone thinks on here? Thanks!

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  1. hey there is no need to switch creams as they will both do the same job only the aqua cream will work betteryou need to keep using it past the peeling stage and even if you are peeling DO NOT remove the Scabbers this will remove some of the ink in the skin. You will notice when it is dry there will be a slight shine to the skin with the ink in it, this needs to completely disappear before you can stop using the cream, keep using it as often as possible it does not need to be at regular times but your tattoo should never be dry it should always have a layer of cream on it. another good Bepanthen cream to use is, its a nappy cream but it is amazing on tattoos, its good for putting on and leaving as it doesn’t rub of easilybut there is no need to switch creams and do not stop all together cream!

  2. Listen to your tattoo artist not other people because your tattoo artist will not be too happy if your tattoo is messed up because you took someone else’s advice and not his / hers.

  3. what my tattoo artist (s) have told me is that to use the Aquaphor for 3 to 5 days three times a day then after that use unscented lotion 5 times a day. i have three tattoos and i’v used this method each time and i cannot complain

  4. As a tattooist, I only recommend putting it on for a few days, then if it gets really dry, use Vasoline. If the skin around it starts to hurt more after 3 days and gets red Neosporin, then start using maximum strength.

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