How much pain should I expect for a finger tattoo?

I’ve been thinking for quite some time about getting a tattoo and upon choosing a design, I decided I want it on top of my finger. It is pretty small considering it will only go from the knuckle to the main joint of the finger. This will be my first tattoo and I do know that it will hurt but I’m not really sure what to expect. Considering it’s pretty much right on the bone makes me a wee bit nervous.

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  1. its gonna hurt quite alot, and your gonna need to look after it in the weeks to come after as its gonna be exposed and your gonna be bending your fingers etc but it will be over quick 10-15mins

  2. Yes, tattoos hurt more where the skin is thinner. I had one done on my shoulderblade, though, and it wasn’t that bad. The fingers are more sensitive, though. A finger tat does sound quite painful.

  3. My friend got one about 6 months ago and he was literally crying during and after the whole process. He said it was the worst pain he ever had to bear. For about a week after it was swollen and he was miserable for about a month or two.

  4. hi there

    i have three tattoos

    first tattoo left arm – fairly small its a scorpion in a keltic design as i’m a scorpio – pain level 3/10 i felt it but it didn’t hurt

    second tattoo on my lower back on my spine – my gfs name in chinese – pain level – 9/10 it really hurt cos it was so close to the bone but after about 30 mins it didn’t hurt too bad

    third tattoo – large tribal on my right arm – pain level 7/10 it hurt but only because it was such a big tattoo (goes from just above my shoulder to my elbow)

    expect some localized pain but as its going to be small it won’t take long and the pain will be a lot less than i endured

    enjoy your new tattoo when you have it done

  5. a-lot of pain. . . . WHY? because the finger has so many nerves and bones for the tattoo needle to hit. BUT having saying that a finger is small, so the amount of time you need to endure the pain for is minimal.

  6. The pain level depends on you. I have 17 tattoos on much of my body and was never bothered by pain much at all. I had customers who passed out, got sick and had all sorts of reactions during the process. I also have tattoos on my fingers that also did not bother me much. The question really is, do you want a tattoo on your finger where you will have much difficulty covering it somewhere down the line if you have to or work in an environment where you need to cover? I cover mine now but it’s a huge pain! Your shoulder between the blade and your upper arm is a much better bet. Your ankle (off the bone and higher up the leg) of a good option too. Chest is okay but is a bit more sensitive. Again, it depends upon your pain threshold. They certainly sting a bit, but if you can handle it, the finger pain is not too intolerable.

  7. I have all my fingers tattooed, they really didn’t hurt too bad. Not as bad as the actual knuckle or the top of your hand. Fingers/hands are a hassle to heal though because they are constantly being rubbed and knocked, so you will almost definitely need it touched up once its healed.

  8. I just got one on my shoulder blade and it almost felt good, so I’m sure it won’t be that bad. Believe me, I went in thinking it would feel like a cigarette burning on my back, but you’ll be surprised by how easy it is. If tattoos honestly hurt THAT bad, people wouldn’t get them!

  9. i have stars on the knuckles of all my fingers besides my thumbs. they definitely did hurt, but not bad enough for me not to get them. plus, the knuckle is not that big so its only like 20 minutes pain. i say suck it up and get them, if u are sure you want it. :}

  10. Hi.
    I have a complete skeleton hand tattoo. The finger parts were VERY evil, especially the small parts between the top knuckle and the fingernails. This was the sorest I ever got, while I got one on my upper neck, on my face, and the soles of my feet, and they didn’t bother me at all…

  11. I have a ring finger tattoo and it did hurt a bit. It wasnt that bad though. It took like 15 minutes though so it doesnt hurt very long. I have had others that have hurt way worse. I would say for me it was about a 5. If you want it, get it…Don’t worry so much about the pain because it will definately hurt more because your worried and tense :)

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