How soon after getting a tattoo I can swim?

I have a tattoo on the 1st page and I have gone swimming this year. How long must I wait to go to the pool. I think the rule of thumb is one month, but I’m not sure. This is my second tattoo, my first non-raised scab or stayed. So I guess not the habit.

2 thoughts on “How soon after getting a tattoo I can swim?

  1. You must wait 2 weeks before they have a chlorinated pool – I did not opened the Council by Fletch (local tatt guy) and I went to the local pool – my tattoo where the ink (stopped several layers down). When I went back to get it fixed, he knew exactly what I had done:) I have said that it is safe to swim to go to the beach because the salt helps the healing process, but perhaps consult a doctor? Or the tattoo guy. . .

  2. Two months is chlorine dries the skin and will mess with the color adjustment and healing process

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