I just got a new tattoo 24 hours ago. How long should I wait before adding to it?

I really want more definition to it, and some color added. It’s my first tattoo, and I didn’t know how long I had to wait before I could add some more detail to it and maybe an outer layer.

14 thoughts on “I just got a new tattoo 24 hours ago. How long should I wait before adding to it?

  1. Actually after a day you got the tattoo . . . it’s fine but adding color to it is dangerous if the metal liquid goes inside your skin the metal will store in your skin and might become a tumor giving you cancer so try not to overlay too much

  2. Ah yes! That feeling of the first one and already in need for more!!! I’ve been there and now have 5, but haven’t got anymore done for a couple of years. I would say let that one heal ALL the way first !!! Then go back over it some more. Even a tattoo artist ( a good one) will not mess with one that was just done! Be patient !!

  3. Wait until it’s fully healed. I’ve had a few big tattoo’s done in sittings, any respectable artist will make you wait until the tattoo is fully healed before adding. Few weeks and you should be good to go.

    TRUST ME!!!

    atleast wait for the scabbing to be done with. . . . .

  5. 4-6 weeks. While visibly it LOOKS healed sooner, there are still things going there. It will hurt less and you will get better results if you wait.

    If you scabbed, it can take even longer! Always follow the advice of a professional tattoo artist.

  6. my husband has all his clients includeing me wait at least 6 weeks but for the best info call up the artist and ask him then make an appt. to get more work done on it at least then youll have a countdown time

  7. Why would you not ask your tattooist?
    The tattoo must be completely healed before anymore work can be done. If you don’t wait, it will hurt much more and could scar.

  8. i have 7- you should wait until it heals now because you wouldnt want anyone to tattoo over a scab would you. it’ll f uck your s hit up, plus it hurts a day after you get the first one yeah you could go and add on to it the next day but after 2 3 days passed- just leave it alone & wait until it heals now.

  9. Call your tattoo artist and ask. They will tell you all the info. Dont feel silly asking because they want to give you the best tattoos and they want you to stay as a paying customer.

  10. i saw on Miami Ink they told someone 2 weeks to finish the rest of the tattoo, to let it heal.

  11. you should wait till it is completly healed. The skin is very tender and could actually tear if you add to the tattoo. Another thing go talk to your artist and ask his opinion. Becareful and try to use the same artist because some will not work on another artist’s work.

  12. If you`re adding more ink, the metal particles in the ink will go deeper into your skin & develop cancer.

  13. You should wait two weeks. That’s how long I waited to add to the huge one I have on my arm. It was the perfect amount of time. However, if the tattoo you got was really small, it might not take very long to heal. My first tattoo had almost no scarring, so it was healed VERY quickly.

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