Iam losing color in my new tattoo. How do I make it better care?

I have a tattoo over three days and now its bells and lose a little color. What can I do to better take care of it and how long must I wait until I can get it touched again? I also heard so many different versions, like take care of a tattoo. Make sure you moisten it or not too much moisturizer. What is the real truth about takes care of my tattoo?

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  1. If you are ignorant to the process of care and healing your tattoo the best thing to do is to speak your artists. Call him / her up or go to the store where you do it, and they will assess the situation and tell you what to do.

  2. ok boo, I have 15 tattoos and counting. . When you first lose some new ink in the healing process, you paint. . All tattoos bleed out, no matter what you do, this is just work, as they do. . . Now, you want A & D or triple antibiotic ointment to keep it at least three times per day. . You need only a thin layer. . can too much and they are accustomed to breath. . too little and it will not do the work of healing and it is to crack up and look like hell. . . You can do it again touched after 2 weeks. . it has to heal before it can be fixed, but u can not healed after all its necessary. . . while trying to heal you will see that it looks dull such, but should be done as soon as its what its supposed second . . and that’s all I’ve got 4 ya. . I hope helpful

  3. I have two tattoos and I use it to hold color and vitamin E helps with peeling. . . Not scrach!

  4. Dude. . . . Your tattoo will not lose color. It peels. The small piece of skin peeled a bit of color have in them and that is what you see washing down the drain. This is normal. Did not your artist give you advice on how to care for your tattoo? This is who you should dicussion with this. . . . . Not just any stranger on the Internet. Artist Fixx me with ink products. . . . . My wife has a tattoo on the same weekend, they and their artists with Cetaphil. . . . Everyone has different instructions. Most agree on one point No Vaseline or petroleum products on a tattoo. No matter what ever you use, make sure the product is completely rub into the skin. (You do not want a visible coating of goop on your tattoo)

  5. I have four tattoos. Not as many as some of the other people who have responded, but I think enough to be able to geben.Wenn help you see your first tattoo it awsome – looking almost fake. The ink is bright. . . . beautiful. If you always ask someone who has a tattoo, they would all want to stay that bright, but each tattoo will verblassen.Wenn starts the first time to peel, WILL ink come off with the peeling skin. The first time that happened to me, I freaked out, I called my artist. He told me it was completely normal, but do not peel the skin. They force to peel the skin by peeling or scratching could lead to spots on the tattoo, leaning acutally happened to one of my friends. (She peeled her tattoo and it came along with ink. And it ended with a big stain on the middle of her tattoo, which had no color.) After peeling, and hear the annoying itching, make this clear in the rule, almost “filmly” layer. . . looks strange, and once you get wet it is almost as soft as it is. . . . . and it makes your tattoo look really easy. Also not Mess with them! It will go away in a few Tagen.Ich just want to keep it moisturized as you do. . . . but like you said, beware of too much. I knew that with my last tattoo and it took soooo much longer to heal then the rest of my tattoo. Only on a very thin layer is set, once or twice a day, after the first three Tage.Hoffe help I could. Remember, they all fade a little, and to peel them all. But if you are really concerned, you should go with your artist. They can help the meisten.Viel luck!

  6. Most experts give you a sheet of instructions aufdie care of your Tattoos.Wenn you are unsure, give it a Anruf.Halten it clean and free of oil.

  7. Your skin is like peeling the tattoo heals. This is only a part of things. Black out tats are navy blue. Other colors are at the end of a deeper hue as the skin heals. If you do not like the color once it healed, you will find artists for a Auffrischung.Um better care of a tattoo, make sure you always apply sunscreen before going out, even if you have a shirt over them.

  8. Just because it fading does not mean that it is not the right care. It could be a reaction that has your skin with ink. The best thing to do, go talk to your tattoo artist, they may have to do touch up work. Once you set it, if that’s what you choose, make sure that the care instructions that will be accepted by the artist. Also, always, always put sunscreen on them if your tattoo is in contact with the sun. The fastest way to fade your tattoo, old or new, it’s come in contact with the sun.

  9. Your tattoo will peel and thus losing some color. This is part of the healing process. What to do, to moisten ru, not all lotions. Just Make sure washing several times a day with antibacterial large soup with your hands (Dial wks), and she patted dry with a washcloth or paper towel, never rub. after its dry, the only one you should use in order to “dampen” It is an antibacterial ointment. always remember that it is our direct sunlight, they should be fully healed within three weeks werden.so far as retouching, wait six months to a year

  10. Rider, your tattoo can lose color. I just got one on my foot 2 weeks ago, its been peeling (and this is my 5th) and there are certain spots where the color has come completely out and there is just skin. I followed my artists directions and still, the color is coming out. Touch ups do help though. I’m going back at the end of next month.

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