What are some cute and classy place to have a tattoo that is visible yet not very noticeable?

I want to get a small heart tattoo somewhere. I want people to be able to see it, but I also want it to not look trashy or super obvious for job interviews. Any help? So on a scale of 1-10 how painful are tattoos? 1 being barely at all 10 being unbearable!

7 thoughts on “What are some cute and classy place to have a tattoo that is visible yet not very noticeable?

  1. Trust me. No matter what, a tattoo will never look or CUTE CLASSY. It does not matter what it is.

  2. your ankle. your wrist. well if you het a tattoo on a place like it hurts ankle or wrist about fourth i have one on my Ankel and it hurt only a little bit. Sun Ankel or wrist is the best way to go! best of luck!

  3. on your hip, your belly should not be showing for a job interview. or on the inside of your wrist, you can just wear a watch or bracelet to cover it when you want to.

  4. if you just want a small heart, that is not extreemly noticeable get it on the inside of your hand, on your little finger where the base of the finger is like where a ring would be. and i dont have a tattoo so i wouldnt know sorry about the pain. xx

  5. there are a few discreet areas to get tattooed: the back of your neck right below the hairline or on your spine centered below the neckline (ie where a shirt collar usually lies), right under your collar bone on either side, your shoulder blade . although getting my tattoo hurt a lot, I’d say the amount of pain felt when getting a tattoo is mostly relative, the size, complexity and color palette of a Particular design, the chosen area on the body (the ones I’ve mentioned earlier are not the most sensitive) as well as the pain threshold and skin type of the person being tattooed will DetermineApplicationTrust how they feel when the time comes. for me, I’d have to say it was even at 9 on the pain meter. but i chose to get a pink bar of soap suds with blue on my hip, and although my threshold for pain is moderately high, I’m fair skinned and so i probably felt it a little more than some people.

  6. Pain depends on the location but it’s really not that bad in the end. The bonie the worse it hurts. I think ankle would look the best.

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