What are these small bumps around my tattoo?

I put a tattoo about 2 weeks and I was told, A & D ointment to the same as I did with my other tattoo. But now directly below, there are these small and large red bumps that sometimes itches. I do not know if it is an allergic reaction, or what. I do not think its because it does not do well with my other tattoo.

2 thoughts on “What are these small bumps around my tattoo?

  1. From now on, you should not be an aloe, unscented, do not use healing lotion on them, such as Lubriderm, Curel, Eucerin and Neutrogena body lotion. (I was the Neutrogena through my recent artist recommended because my skin was sensitive and the lotion seems to have helped.) Use these for the next week or bumps so.Die people usually get tattoos on one species, such as pimples. Do not pick on them or anything. Let it be. . . whatever you are on it (I assume ointment) is clogging the pores with what they have to “dirt” in them. . . Pickel verursachen.Nach the week, and your tattoo is still swollen, red, warm to touch, or pus comes out, this is a sign of infection. Tell your artist visit, then a doctor. Do not get too worked up to think about whether you went to a reputable place that your tattoo should do well.

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