What can you tell me about getting a tattoo on the palm of your hand?

I’ve read that the color can bleed on palm tattoos and that they fade quickly neigen.Heißt that fade to nothing? How long that would take that to happen (weeks, months, years) Is? A space on the Palm better than others, get a good, solid bright tattoo that stays? Perhaps the base of the thumb? Or directly under the fingers? And this would be more or less painful than a tattoo on other parts of the body?

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  1. I can tell you that it is very painful (lots of nerve endings in the palm) and do not do it.

  2. very, very painful, your hand has thousands of Nervenenden.und its true that it does not last as long, but probably never fade vollständigaber habit it will come, that faded look ugly, that for all, but faster than most of their skin on Tätowierungenweil hand exfoliates way more than other parts of the body (without legs) but if you get something in a single color and very simple as like a letter or symbol as your money pretty sure later, at least for a few years you may in order to get it recolored

  3. They do fade faster. . but they usually disappear compeltely. It is again in the like. . a faded blur Durcheinander.Meine friends mom got it around his finger (cuz she to take her wedding ring because she couldnt job) and his nasty to have like 2 months. . a cute pattern into how. . a blue haze. But the color will always remain. I do not think anywhere on your hand will remain so. . Your best bet is to find out what role urged at least when you wash your hands, because this is the part that is first verblasst.Es gloing to be painful. Your hands are full of nerves, thats how you want. . feel when picking things and stuff. It wouldnt be to have a great time, and yes, would you have schaden.Und more often affected. How. . 1-2 JahrUnd not to break your bubble but luck finding a reputable place to do it. In my town, many shops wont but maybe thats various other places.

  4. I agree with what everyone sagen.Als another option, why not have it on the top of ur style ur hand under the Daumen.Sehr, watch stars / hearts very cute here!

  5. (Do not give my daughter more ideas!) It is very fashionable, where I live, a tattoo around your finger like a ring no more painful than elsewhere, and they last only as long

  6. This would be about like getting a tattoo on the underside of the foot. The skin on the palm and the sole is extremely thick. Bad idea, but all live and learn when you want it bad enough go for it.

  7. dont do it. . You can maintain, to do something for a whaile. . but afterwards it will look beautiful. . its up to you n your lifestyle.

  8. It has a tendency to fade faster, and more than a tattoo on the arm or leg, because you can use your hand for almost everything in life, and you can not do your tattoo or grated fresh touch by anything, and you have it to wash frequently, and there hands are prone to germ cells, it would probably infiziert.Ich have my first night on my forearm, and I found this from my artist when he talks about all the weird places people tattoos sprechen.Hope this helps!

  9. It’s pretty painful. its not painful because the nerve endings, its painful because they must be at least twice as deep as usual tattoo, because the skin on the hands shed at a higher rate than the skin on the rest of the body, so that the ink runs migrate. There is also no guarantee that the tattoo will last, because as I said earlier, tohe on your skin scales at a faster rate and the underlying layers eventually become the top layer, unlike the skin on the rest of your Körpers.die time it takes varies from person to person. Mine started to disappear from the market 18 months, my friend palm tattoo is still good. (Two years, we went on the same day)

  10. get one on your hands would not be good especially because your hands for everyday use so that it will begin to smear be done relatively quickly. if he does it fade away just smears and is ugly. as far as pain goes, the skin on the palms so thick it would ease the pain a little, but still might hurt.

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