What is the best soap and lotion to use a new tattoo?

I have a new tattoo yesterday, and I have heard that it was the best lubiderm lotion. . this is true and what is the best soap?

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  1. Do not use soap that is not perfumed. . usually the cheapest / mildest soap is the best. . Like a lotion according to the same guideline. . Go for unscented and no color and

  2. Not sure about the soap. When I had my tattoo they told me to try and let you do not get it too wet for a few days. After you use the A & D ointment for three days, I used the lubriderm. This worked well for me. Good Luck!

  3. I use A & D, what works best for me and no scab or flaking and itching it. And just regular soap should work

  4. With natural, mild, unscented Produkte.Ich always buy handmade, as they contain no preservatives and chemicals can irritate the sensitive skin. Here are some places to buy (although there are tons of shops to browse through): http://www. Etsy. com / shop. php? user_id = 6291602http: / / www. Etsy. com / shop. php? user_id = 6408322Viel luck!

  5. I always use Dial antibacterial foam to wash the tattoo and my hands. . . A & D ointment for the first three days later, YES lubiderm Lotion – the formula sensative skin because it is dye and fragrance free:) works like a charm. . . pretty much all non-scented lotion or colored, but some of the generic have alcohol in them and would not be good for a tattoo

  6. lubriderm or Curel and dial antibacterial unscented is the best .* I agree, use A & D for the first 3 days and then switch to the lotion. . .

  7. unscented medical soap. Aftercare. unscented aloe vera gel. The gel has a faster cure. No irritation. colure holds better than other treatments.

  8. Regular soap and A & D ointment for at least three days. That’s what I did and I have 14 plus tattoos.

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