What should I cover my tattoo, when in a tanning solarium?

I’m getting a tattoo on Saturday and I must go, because the tanning of approaching prom. and the place where I always have my tattoo to say that I still tan, but I need to disguise it. What should I use to cover the tattoo? I’m getting a tattoo on my foot. Thank you!

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  1. first do a lot around with one foot tatt u walk will mess it no shoes or socks Air Air Air Air Air Air Air Air Air light lotion cover with a non-stick gauze and be careful around barefoot btw can u thats fine

  2. I would definitely wait until getting the tattoo. It is looking very well get confused when you’re under UV rays, so soon in the healing process. There is really nothing that one on a new tattoo so that it does not ruin the tan when it is healing or to prevent. Your skin after the tattooing is super sensative. Please just wait for your own good.

  3. You can wash a cloth to conceal it. If I tan for a while and my face starts to get tan thats what I cover my face with. I’d also had extra lotion, A & D ointment or what ever say that you are using, but not much reason you do not want to get wet scab on it.

  4. You should really wait until the tattoo GE. And I can not believe that the tattoo artist would you say that it is ok to go tanning heal a tattoo yet. This is simply wrong. Your tattoo should be fully healed – about 4-6 weeks – before you do a tan. And as soon as it healed, and tan you want, you should have a very high protection factor sun cream to use and keep around the tattoo, looks good. Also, because it will go on the walk you must, keep your feet as much as possible and not wear anything but flip-flops for at least a week, maybe longer – no prom shoes. If the tattoo artist you say that? If it were not, I would be suspicious of this shop and look for another artist.

  5. Wait to turn brown 30 days after getting a tattoo, but if need be, to do it before then cover in any case! Not with sunscreen when they’re gonna be that fresh, it might have a negative impact on the tattoo’s. I would like some type of material or something to cover.

  6. You should wait until the tattoo tanned to bekommen.Du could spray it instead Betten.Fragen your tattooist about special sun block. I know some sun block ingredients that have hurt your tattoo can. You can make products for Tattoos Tattoo Goo or like Miami Ink Tanning Lotions.

  7. ihndont only with a towel over sunscreen put on gauze much air it moved siedont Make sure you need, do not walk to her at least 3 weeks before prom vielmachen sicherdont wear shoes to the prom, that it will be aggrevate cuz u’ll dance a lot

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