When should I moisturize my tattoo?

Got my first tattoo yesterday. The artist said it was not necessary to use any of these special ointments, but that I should both fragrance free / dye free use of soap and moisturizer. I forgot when he told me to start it moisturizing. Right now it feels really tight and dry, has not started to peel, so I’m not sure if I should wait to peel them to moisten it or if I should now begin to start.

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  1. replied the girl, who is a retard. Do not use vitamin pills. usually after an hour, you have to wash it off and then put on some lotion. You have to rub it in. not rely on it a lot. Make no more than sure that it either lotion. on how maybe three times a day most. if it feels tight and dry, then you definitely need to lotion.

  2. I have been a lot of tattoo artists and they all have told me they recommend puttin on A and D ointment on the tattoo until it begins to ring. This helps in healling process to form a moisture-proof barrier between ur TAT and harmful bacteria that could work their way into ur skin. This is like a moisturizer and worked wonders for me. I did had a huge fear of always putting lotion on my for the fear of fading, which had passed many of my acquaintances. Fortunately, my tattoo ever since the AandD (I was naturally dried, just think of magic, cuz it was my stage name). Hope this kinda helps you and enjoy doing.

  3. Apply a thin layer of A & D, H2Ocean, Aquaphor what you use, on the new tattoo. It must be thin so that the tattoo to breathe. For 3-5 days to ensure that the tattoo is kept very clean and the application of ointment 3-4 times daily, by cleaning old ointment and apply a thin layer of fresh cream. (Only enough to make the skin shiny.) Allow TATTOO will not dry. If you let the scabs dry process allows the body that could reduce the integrity of color and healing process. If not scabs form does not pick it up, but he can heal on its own. Hope I helped. :]

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