What are the best ways to prepare myself for my first tattoo?

I will be getting my first tattoo next Wednesday, it is going to be a full back piece. I am very excited, and some what nervous, I have all the aftercare stuff ready to go. I was just wondering if there is anything I can do to make myself prepared for this? And I was also wondering what other peoples first tattoo experiences were like? Thanks for the input!

11 thoughts on “What are the best ways to prepare myself for my first tattoo?

  1. don’t think about it too much?

    providing you have the after care there’s not much to it:-)

  2. breathing…. try not to hold your breath allot because of the pain . you will get light headed and maybe even pass out .. So concentrate on breathing and have the artst put in your fan C.d or something…

  3. Try to take some extra-strength tylenol 20 minutes or so before you go under the needle. No caffeine, it will thin your blood. Normally I don’t have caffeine three days before I go in for my appointment. Stay hydrated, lots of water.

    My first tat I got done was on the middle of my upper back. I hardly even felt it. However I’m getting a piece on my ribcage done and I’m going in for my third session soon. It hurt 100x more than my back did.

  4. aly is right, try tylenol and dont drink caffeine. but for a first tattoo, getting a whole back piece isnt such a good idea? get it dont gradually, but if you like the experience while its happening, keep on keeping on:) good luck.

  5. Nothing! your artist will make you feel comfortable by talking to you through the whole process, hopefully LOL just relax it’s not that bad. Good Luck!

  6. Do NOT drink alcohol. It will only make you bleed more.

    Just remember that it only “hurts” when the needle is on your skin. As soon as they lift it up the pain goes away. Tell the artist if you need a break.

    If they are experienced, they will be able to tell your threshold within the first few minutes and will go at the speed that they think is best.

    If you are uncomfortable – speak up. Breathe! Honestly, it all depends on your level of pain tolerance. I have three on my foot, one on my leg and one on my inner wrist. I’ve been told that the wrist & foot are painful areas but they weren’t too bad.

    Typically with large tattoos they are done in different sessions because it takes so long.

    Your skin will be sensitive after – use the ointment so you don’t dry out and don’t worry if it looks scabby. It will heal. Don’t pick at it!

    Enjoy it!!

  7. First try to relax, it’s really not that bad. It will be a little uncomfortable, but it’s managable.
    Anyway make sure you drink lots of water and eat before you go in.

  8. Eat before hand,don’t take any asprine,bring someone with you (to relax you) get good sleep before hand.Good luck and post pics of your new tattoo if you don’t mind :) When i got my first tattoo,it was on my wrist i was expecting the worse lol,but once he started i was like “This is not bad at all” lolPlus my tattooist was cool and funny which always helps big time (still my tattooist till this day) But good luck!

  9. remember to eat before your tattoo, a lot of people dont eat and they end up getting light headed with the excitement and nerves ,empty stomach etc

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