What are these little bumps around my tattoo?

I got a tattoo about 2 weeks ago, and I was told to put A&D ointment on it, just as I did with my other tattoo. But now right below it, there are these little and big red bumps that itch at times. I don’t know if it is an allergic reaction or what. I don’t think its that because it didn’t do that with my other tattoo.

2 thoughts on “What are these little bumps around my tattoo?

  1. By now, you should be using a no aloe, non-scented, no healing lotion on it such as Lubriderm, Curel, Eucerin, or Neutrogena body lotion. (I was recommended the Neutrogena by my recent artist because my skin was sensitive and the lotion seems to have helped.) Use this for the next week or so.

    The bumps people usually get on tattoos, are kind of like pimples. Do NOT pick at them or anything. Just leave them be… whatever you’re using on them (I assume ointment) is clogging the pores, hence making them have “dirt” in them… causing pimples.

    After the week is up, and your tattoo is still swollen, red, warm to touch, or has pus coming out of it, that’s a sign of infection. Tell your artist, then see a doctor. Don’t get too worked up about it though- if you went to a reputable place, your tattoo should do well.

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