What disinfecting products are used for cleaning a tattoo machine and during a tattoo?

I’m curious as to what the artist uses when they spray this orangy kinda liquid on the tattoo to wipe off excess ink. Do they also use alcohol? Also, what is the “green soap” they use to clean the gun. I know that the soap is mixed with distilled water, but is it like an antibacterial soap?

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  1. it’s just a soap mixture and generally they just take a dry paper towel to remove ink during the tattoo, you don’t want it wet.

    the tattoo machinery is cleaned by an autoclave (high pressure of steam) but a lot of artists have switched to disposable equipment. the only thing that isn’t cleaned is the main part of the machine that doesn’t touch anything, it just has the ‘engine’ to make it work.

  2. The green soap can be purchased pre-mixed in gallon bottles and such. At that point, (which you already know) you just put a very small amount in and mix the rest with distilled water.
    Every shop is different, but after the tattoo is finished our shop uses cavicide to sterilize the area, which is a highly concentrated disinfectant. That’s what we use to clean the machines as well (but you spray it on the paper towel and wipe the machines down, not directly on the machine).
    Alcohol is very rarely used during tattoos, because it burns like a bitch. It’s the equivilant of putting alcohol over an open wound. But it is useful if someone is bleeding out the ink and you need to shrink the pores to keep the ink in. Hope that was helpful.

  3. you use water down green soap to clean the tattoo during the process, also you use a autoclave to clean out the tube and grip and I personally use clippercide (you can buy it at Sally’s hair dresser products) to sterilize the main part of the machine (frame,coils,armature bar,ext) we also use it to clean the station, spray bottles, ink bottles and everything else you touch while tattooing. You do NOT use alcohol during the tattoo it hurts like a bastard and it is very bad for the tattoo!

    good luck and I hope this helps!

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