What happens when you expose new Tattoo to sunlight?

I just got a tattoo yesterday and the artist gave a couple things to do to help the healing process. He said to avoid exposing my tattoo to sunlight. I work indoors in an office, so I dont have to worry about that, but howcome tattoos cant get sunlight. What does sunlight do to a tattoo?

Asking just out of curiousity.

7 thoughts on “What happens when you expose new Tattoo to sunlight?

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  2. sunlight will damage the ink of the tattoo. Tattoos are sensitive to the suns rays. just minutes in the sun can lead to say your white ink turning into this dank yellowish color and you cant go back to the way it was.

  3. It’s my understanding that the sun can cause the ink to fade. Also, a fresh wound (which is what a tattoo is) is more susceptible to sun burn, which might adversely affect your healing process, not to mention your comfort level.

  4. the tattoo will fade more easily, and loose color quicker than not being exposed to the sunlight. your also at a higher risk for sun burn on that area..if your going outside they sell special stuff to put over your tattoo its has like the same effects of sun screen and also helps the color and everything last longer, im pretty sure they sell it at any tattoo place.

  5. The sunlight will cause it to explode into a puff of smoke!! haha!

    Actually – the tattoo will fade. You know when certain things are left in the sun for a long long long loooooonnnnng time – and the color fades – same thing about a tattoo. So ya – when you do go out in the sun (once it’s fully healed), make sure you put on a high SPF sunscreen – cuz that will help keep the color vibrant!

  6. It gets sunburn, if you get too much sun. You really don’t wanna find out from experience, trust me.

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