What if i take my lip piercing out after 4-5 days to put in a retainer?

Im getting my lip pierced or perhaps a labret piercing on the bottom right, but i rather have my work not find out i have a piercing. Im getting it on a Sunday and have work on Thursday. What happens if i take it out and put in a retainer for a few hours[5-6 hrs] for 3 days a week? I know i’m not suppose to take it out until its healed, but what if i do it anyway?

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  1. It’ll be super irritated, likely get infected, will have a much longer healing time, and still be totally visible. Seriously, all retainers do is make piercings less visible, but you can still see it, especially if the area is bright red from irritation.

    If your work does not permit facial piercings, just don’t get facial piercings. There’s no way to hide it, there’s not way to get around it. Retainers hide completely healed piercings very poorly at best. You won’t get away with it kid. Don’t throw your money away when you’ll have to remove the piercing for work.

  2. you can, but bottom line is it’ll probably hurt like hell and it’ll have a much higher chance of getting infected. best thing to do would be to ask your piercer. another idea would be to get it pierced with a stud, that way it’ll be much less noticeable. good luck!

  3. if you take it out, there is a chance of infection. if you take it out constantly, there is a very high chance of infection.
    ok, you have four choices.
    1. get your lip pierced and quit your job
    2. get your lip pierced and change it with chance of infection
    3. get your lip pierced and but a bandaid over the piercing whilst at work
    4. dont get your lip pierced
    i would recommend number three. my friend had a monroe piercing and when she went to school she put a small round bandaid over it.
    you should be able to get them at your local chemist.

  4. I took mine out to put a retainer in for school & I didn’t have any problems. The other option is to just remove the ball. Dont’ mess about too much taking it out, putting a retainer in & then putting the bar back in, you’ll only irritate it. Leave the retainer in for a little while, & then maybe put the bar back in for weekends.

  5. Don’t, it raises your chances of infection, prolong healing time etc etc

    If you need to hide it then maybe you should consider not getting it; ask the piercer, though, if it can be pierced with a retainer. You’ll have to keep it there until healing time is completely done, but then you can switch out the jewelry

  6. As long as you do it quickly and make sure everything is clean, it’ll most likely be fine.
    But if you put a retainer in, you really should just leave it in until it heals more. If you keep changing it then its possible to get an infection. Plus it would take a lot longer to heal and stop hurting if you’re constantly irritating the skin by taking it out and putting it back in.

  7. Some girl I know had a lip piercing. She kept taking it out and putting it back in cause she plays soccer and it looks gross. It’s all infected. Just get it pierced with a stud, then screw the little barbell off. It’s LESS noticeable.

  8. The healing process could get messed up and your piercing could easily get infected. You could also be left with some scar tissue. Ask the piercer to put the retainer in for you…if you have to.

  9. DONT DO IT!!!

    The wound surrounding the piercing basically creates a ‘tunnel’ of healing cells. if you take out the piercing and put in a new one, you will basically be restarting the healing process all over again. it will become inflamed, and because retainers are plastic, they cannot be autoclaved, so the risk of infection is VERY HIGH. Plus, the thread where the ball goes on will SHRED the healing flesh, creating an uneven healing piercing.

    If you want to make it less visible, see if your local piercer will put on a clear ball for you. But I strongly advise that you leave the piercing for the advised 6 – 8 weeks to allow it to fully heal.

  10. Well, I had that same problem. It didn’t hurt at all. But, everyones body’s different. Like I went with my friend and my boyfriend and we all got it done at the same time. They swelled uo I didn’t so it depends. Try a band-aid tho, my job didn’t let me get away with it. But, as I said it didn’t hurt me any, but when you do change it but really quick about it.

  11. DONT DO IT !! i got my lip pierced today exactly where you wan it and my mum didnt want my dad to seee it so she made me take it out. well i thought id be smart an just take off the ball which worked well for the first few hours, i guess that could be an option you just have to be really, i mean REALLY carefull with it. well while i was eating, slowly too btw, it slipped out an it almost killed me to put it back it, it was painful an i almost fainted :( other than that though i really loved it but i just decided to take it out completely now , good luck !

  12. i just got my vertical lip pierced and i have to take it out. would it close up really fast if i took it out?? i dont want to is there any other option so i kan keep it and keep my job??

  13. i just put a bandaid over it when im at work nobody asks about it and if they did say anything id tell em to kiss my ass can allways find another job and maybe one that will accept you for who you are

  14. It’ll be fine as long as you put retainer in immediately after removing lip ring! And it may cause minimal pain to put in retainer considering it hadn’t had time to heal!

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