What is the best thing for dry skin on your face?

Recently my face started getting dry and flaky. I put on face cream, I even use Vitamin E capsules but ir does not seem to work.

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  1. for your dry skin ,this works great aveeno unscented other wise the other ones that smell good burn but the unscented one works for sure try it!

  2. Try using CeraVe Cleanser and Lotion. I can also recommend alcohol-free aloe vera gel.

    Here are some other tips:

    1. Don’t towel-dry your face after you wash it. Apply the moisturizer directly to your wet face. This will help trap more moisture in your skin cells.

    2. Wait until your skin heals before exfoliating.

    I hope I helped!

  3. Use a quality face care product, such as Mary Kay’s Timewise, that is specially formulated for dry skin. You need to exfoiliate the dry skin (but gently) to allow the new skin underneath to be moisturized and nourished, so it won’t be the same way. Follow with moisturizer, and do this twice a day. Best bet, don’t wait until skin is dry to be religious about moisturizing, because the aging process starts in the early 20’s… Moisturized skin wrinkles slower!!!! ♥

  4. Exfoliate twice a week! And, every day you should use the Aveeno Radiant Moisturizer. I swear by that stuff.

    Don’t use any kind of toner (the alcohol drys your skin even more). And drink 10 glasses of water each day.


  5. Try Olay Regenerist Serum fragrance free it makes my skin really smooth even on days I don’t use it

  6. according to the Mbutu Jizulu, lard is the best thing you can use, only problem is the flies, you should mix a little insect repellant with it

  7. I had very dry skin on my face and legs someone introduced me to Arbonne. It just works if you want a sample to try e-mail me. It goes into the deeper layers of your skin and repairs WHY you are dry. Let me know its free and I’m sure you’ll love it

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