What is the best thing to put on a fresh tattoo?

I have 3 tattoos, and everytime I get one, the tattoo artist tells me to put something different on it, my uncle does tattoos in California, and I always saw him putting Vaseline on them. But places I have went to say not to. I am about to get another tattoo and want to know what I should put on it to keep the coor from fading out and keep it from itching.

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  1. I hear you, the 1st tattoo I got the guy told me to put neosporine on it for 3 days then to switch to Vaseline Intensive Care hand lotion until it stopped peeling and stopped feeling dry adn tight. The 2nd time I got tattooed the guy told me to use Vaseline (the petroleum jelly) for the 1st 24 hours then to use the Intenstive Care hand lotion. I think the neosporine actually irritated my 1st tattoo but the lotion worked wonders.

  2. water or maybe vasaline you would want to tell us were you have the tattoos at becaause there are speacl cream to put on each part of a tattooe


  4. Back in the olden days, I was told to put Vaseline on mine. What are the other places telling you to put on them?

  5. here they say to put a light layer of regular vaseline.they tell you not to use neosporin on them.it fades the color and makes it scar over fast…

  6. The first time I was told neosporin, the second time vaseline, the third time Curel Lotion. This time I like the curel. I say listen to the tattoo artist. They know about the type of ink they use and can make the best decision.

    Now, most artist are recommending lotion (curel or lubriderm) or tattoo goo.

  7. Use Bacitracin, you should lightly wash warm soapy water every four to five hours and reapply Bacitracin. Do not apply pressure and do not rub. Do not let the shower hit it directly. Finally don’t over do the bacitracin. In the old days people put vaseline on the tattoos, not a good idea. No matter what you put on it, it will itch. Don’t use a medicated itch cream.

  8. put a vitaman e lotion on it or else the best thing i foud is preperation h diaper rash cream. do not use neosporn or any tripple antibiotic ointment it has stuff in it that will draw the ink out. the diper rash ointment sounds weird but it works great. and dont worry it doesnt smell either.

  9. Neosporin is Vaseline with antibiotics in it. That is what I put on both of mine. Bacitracin or neosporin.

  10. I hear Neosporin recommended too, this was on all the care sheets I got (from 5 different places!) Never irritated me, and I healed really quickly.

  11. I have chest/have sleeve piece in progress now, I’ve used Bacitracin after 24hrs for the next 48hrs, then A&D ointment for @ 2 weeks…

  12. every artist recommends something different. i am a tattoo artist and i cringe at the thought of people putting vaseline and neosporin on tattoos. this is why…

    i put vaseline on tattoos WHILE i’m tattooing them to keep them from getting dry, but i have since stopped doing that and use A+D ointment while i’m tattooing because people think just because i’m putting vaseline on their tattoo means they should do it. no, vaseline is thick and clogs pores and doesn’t let your tattoo breathe. neosporin is similar and it also speeds up the healing process of the tattoo which is not good, despite what you may think. you want your tattoo to heal naturally. healing too quickly may cause scabbing which leads to scars.

    bacitracin, a+d ointment and aquaphor are products you can find in a drug store that i reccomend. tatwax and things like that are cool, but they’re not so readily available so i never bother with em. we sell em in the shop for 5 bucks a tin, i’d rather spend 2 dollars on a tube of a+d that will last me several tattoos.

  13. Vaseline then clingfilm if it is fresh or else you get loads of crap sticking to the vaseline which is then absorbed into the tatoo area and can lead to infection.

  14. what you may think is vaseline that your uncle puts on is actually a mixture of vitamin a and vitamin d that is good for the skin and tattoo. it’s what my tattoo artist uses while tattooing and afterward. but i just put fragrance free lotion. it doesn’t really matter what brand.

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