What is the best way to cover a foot tattoo for a job?

I am a teacher and contemplating getting a foot tattoo. In some places teachers are still highly respected professionals. LOL! What is the best way to cover it while teaching and not offending any students and parents.

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  1. shoes, boots, socks, dark pantyhose. you can always use a coverup w nude pantyhoseif you have strappy shoes on.

    it wont offend anyone any nobody will probably notice anyway

  2. what kind of tattoo? also, what grade do you teach?

    you could wear shoes, socks, or pants… or put a band-aid on it if it’s small enough.

  3. Totally put a bandage over it!!..If people ask what happened. Just say Oh I fell,mmake sure to change the bandage every now and then…remember you can also wear long pants to cover it up

  4. You should wear closed in shoes. I don’t believe teachers can wear open toe shoes, am I right? Wear some tights/dark stockings/socks if you’re wearing something that can show it off. You can also wear long pants that cover up your foot. You can also wear tennis shoes, flats that completely cover your foot, boots, etc…
    Don’t put any type of concealer on until after the tattoo has healed, which will be about a month & a half after you get it, lol.
    Anyway, good luck :)

  5. - shoes
    – socks

    If you want to wear shoes that don’t cover your foot, either opaque stockings, or you could maybe try finding nude socks.

    Or if it’s really going to be that big of a problem, just don’t get the tattoo, or get used to all the crap you’ll get.

  6. I have a tattoo on my right foot and I’m in a professional surrounding, I normally wear closed in shoes but some times I like for my feet to be out and I wear them that way, no one says anything cause its not all the time and I mostly sit behind a desk.

    If you truly want a way to cover it up use either concealer or derma blend. concealer would be the cheapest way to go, your looking to spend anywhere from $1-$12 but if you want the real thing use derma blend you can find it in Macy’s over $25 not sure price.

    I used derma blend for my sister-in-law wedding I hated it cause I had six tattoos to cover up and it got messy but just for your foot it shouldn’t be a problem

  7. I have a tattoo on each foot and I’m a teacher too. Definitely do whatever you Can to not show them, just to avoid any unnecessary explanations or disgruntled parents. Either get shoes that cover or some fashionable socks. Putting Concealer on everytime will get frustrating, so just invest in a good shoe and sock wardrobe.

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