What is the standard cartilage piercing gauge?

I got the standard piercing for my cartilage piercing (I got it at claires) but I have no idea what gauge it is. I want to change the piercing cause the earring is the painfully sharp and it hurts when I sleep.
Also does anyone know where to get unique, nice cartilage earrings?

3 thoughts on “What is the standard cartilage piercing gauge?

  1. It’s 18g, all those idiotic piece of crap piercing guns use 18g studs. I suggest getting a hoop, personally. The kind where the part that goes through your ear is a little smaller and then the hoop part is a tube and the part going through your ear just pops right in the hoop are the best. Nothing sticking out to poke you at all.

    If you ever want to get your other side pierced, be safer and go get it done with a needle, okay?

  2. You wanna go to a proper piercing place and ask them for a barbell, they don’t look very unique, but they are comfortable and there are no sharp bits. I’m pretty sure you can get coloured ones too. Also make sure its make of titanium or stainless steel.

    You wanna be careful with hoops, I started out with a barbell and (stupidly) changed to a hoop and my cartilage started to heal to the shape of the hoop, and then it tried to reject and stuff, it was painful.

    Also, wait at least six months before changing the earring, that was my first mistake, changed mine after 2 months, and it just completely messed up the healing process because the exit wound from the needle hadn;t healed up completely.

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