What kind of jobs allow piercings and tattoos?

I’m not necessarily saying I want to only be in a field or job that allows piercings or tattoos, but I was just wondering. My boyfriend is going into a field that allows them, no matter how many you have of either, so I was just wondering what other types of jobs may allow them.

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  1. All depends on how many and their location…. ALL jobs accept peircings as long as they are presentable

    And ALL jobs accept tattoos, again as long as they are not distracting…. some places may ask to have them covered at all times, depends on where you are

    But if you have over the top amounts of either then some places may not hire you

  2. Well that would depend on whether the tattoos/piercings will be in sight or not. If you want an art type of job, you’ll probably be fine all the time. If you work for any government position, they prefer you to be discreet in most cases by not having any/too many in sight. If you work in the trades than you are usually fine as well. If you provide a service (ex. hairdressing, massage, etc.) then you kind of have to cater to your customers, same as if you own your own business. If you do secretarial work then it depends on your employer. Any time where you’re in customer service then it is easier to get a job with discreet tattoos/piercings. Or there is always the option of none.

  3. You will more than likely never get the really good jobs with a future if you are tattooed up. Many jobs allow piercings and tattoos but if you check they are really low paying jobs. If you can hide them under your clothes you will be able to get a better job. A person who has bar bells all over their face won’t get a high paying job. Who wants a person who can’t talk clear because they have their tongue pierced? I owned my own remodeling and constructions business. My clients were high end people. They don’t want someone with tattoos and piercings all over their body. They frown on it . One of my best customers was a gentleman who owned the fastest growing bank in KY. I can grantee that he wouldn’t hire anyone to work in his banks with piercings. I have no problem with the tattoo/piercing thing but my some of my customers did.

  4. When working in customer service, the upper end jobs wont appreciate visable tattoos. Other than that, jobs that dont directly interact with people will allow you to have pretty much whatever. As for those other jobs…. as long as its covered by clothing, what people dont know wont hurt them ;)

  5. Every job allows you to have them.

    However, you may be asked to cover up the tats and put retainers in the piercings.

  6. hot topic.

    lol… i work at a family owned (not my family) old fashioned pharmacy with a fountain (resturant) in it. They dont tell me to take out my snake bites… and i dont really wear clothes that show my tattoo… but they wouldnt like fire me over it.

  7. im curremtly 18 m have had different jobs since i was 16 i have spider bites (piercings on my lip) and a tattoo on my hand…i havnt really had problems with geting a job…iv even spoke to a hospital that is wllin to hire me as soon as i graduate college they didnt mind my piercings and tattoos

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