What kind of paint should I use to paint my face like Jeff Hardy?

Last year in school for famous person day I went as Peter Criss from Kiss and the paint at the last class was startin to chip and just itch at my face. And this year i’m thinkin about going as Jeff Hardy. Is there a certain type of paint I can use that doesn’t irritate my face and lasts a good time?

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  1. Try Kryolan or Mehron.
    Kryolan is my personal favorite, their UV day glow palette is amazing It actually glows under UV light.
    You simply mix the colors with a drop or two of water until you get a really creamy consistency and just paint it onto your face.
    I only really use them on my eyes, but I have had no trouble at all with chipping or drying.
    But instead of water I use a mixing medium because water evaporates.
    So I recommend you just go to your drugstore and buy a couple things of visine. It makes a great mixing medium.
    Just squeeze a few drops on top of whatever color you choose and mix it with a paint brush, it should work great.
    But you may need to practice a few times to get the right consistency.

    Here are a few links.
    Kyrolan Palettes:
    Mehron Palettes:
    Kyrolan Single AquaColors:
    The seller is very reliable. I have personal bought many kryolan eye dusts from her
    Be sure that you are buying Aquacolors though when you do make your purchase. They are the face&body paints. Not eyeshadow or anything like that.
    SOmetimes if your lucky you can find them at a cosmtume store, but not often.

    Hope I helped =]

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