Why do you hate tattoos and body piercings?

I have a tattoo and a belly button ring. I am an adult, but I have not told/shown my mother because I do not want to have to deal with her anger. Will somebody please tell me what they think is so wrong with tattoos and piercings? What makes them taboo?
I guess I want parents’ opinions….I am young (23), and I want to know how would you react and what is the big deal if your daughter gets tattoos/piercings?

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  1. well, you can call me a old folkie, but a can’t stand either one. i am in my 30’s and have NO TATOOS OR peircing other than my ears. Don’t get me wrong, but i believe i was born as natural as GOD created me, although when i dyed my hair at 17 yrs old, my father was very unhappy, RIP he said “i did not born a blonde”
    but what really matter is what you like and the purpose behind it,

  2. Well I have a tattoo and I use to have my ear pierced. I dont have a problem with them at all. Now I think in excess it can be a little ridiculous. I mean if you ever plan on getting a really good job obviously if you have a bunch of piercings then it would be really hard, unless its business that doesnt care about that. But I think it just fits some people.

    Oh, what i hate is when people say that your going to hell for it. But here is a website that has an excellent explanation, in a biblical sense, about tattoos.


  3. I have a belly ring and a tattoo on the small of my back that is small. I think alot of visible tattoos make you look cheap. I know it is contradicting, but I personally don’t like men with tattoos everywhere, I like a more clean cut look.and the stereotype is that it is white trashy

  4. A tattoo is permanent. Peoples taste & circumstances change throughout their lives. What appears cool now may not in 20-30 years.

    One thing about being an adult is making your own decisions – if you’re worried about your mothers anger, I guess you might still be fairly young.

    The turning point for me, was sitting through the DVD of The Meanng of Life with my parents. I’d forgotten about John Cleese in the sex-ed class. After that, I am NOT worried about my parents opinion, when I make decisions.

  5. i love body art,always have since i can remember on my 4th birthday my wish was for a tattoo,that was my last birthday party but,i have the satisfaction of being decorated and i love it. only my ears are pierced….maybe i’ll pierce something else.my cousin wants me to get my nose pierced(he said i would be “fine!” if i got it done. i think he is truly inappropiate! any suggestions on first time piercings?eyebrow or navel?

  6. Well Im a mom but my kids are still young … 10 and 1 … not all moms hate tattoos and piercings. I have 15 tattoos (only piercings I have are my ears (7 and 5). Up until the last 10 years or so tattoos and piercings were not as common as they are today… not many mainstream people got them. So I think many of the older people still have that stereotype. There are so many more things people could be doing I dont see why some people get so upset.. I would rather see a tattooed person living a respectable life than a non tattooed/pierced person who is a criminal or an addict…

    *edit… didnt see the 2nd part… my children will be free to get either once they are of age

  7. I would say to get them somewhere they wouldn’t show all the time. There are a lot of jobs out there you won’t be able to get or would be less likely to get because of them. I would go for back, shoulder, or ankle. I would stay way from arm(for females), chest, or stomach. As far as piercings go, do what you want, those can be removed.

  8. Parrents don’t like the fact that piercings and tats are usually going to be shown off. IF they are in a private place, then they dont wont someone looking at it. Plus, someone has to put it there. Whatever…Forget about your parents. My sis got her naval and her nipples pierced. When my mom found out she was mad but she can’t do anything about it.

  9. I think it dates back to when only sailors and bikers got tattooed. What makes them taboo is close minded and judgmental people. If a person has a tattoo right away they are “bad people who do bad things” ie: criminals, etc…..
    I am 31 years old and have been getting tattooed since I am 18. And I love every one I have. They each reflect a part of me.
    I look at it this way…. My body is a canvas…… a living breathing work of art. Art I have invested money and time into. And will be with me even in death. I am also pierced. I have my tongue pierced twice, ears, and a few private ones.
    I know how you feel about your mother. Mine is the same way. She cries every time I get work done. Complains constantly that I am ruining my body. And won’t talk to me for a few days… But she gets over it.
    I also have 2 teenagers. My daughter wants to be a tattoo artist. She has her belly button pierced. (only piercing I will allow) and my son has his cartilage pierced. (only 1 he is allowed as well)
    My mother tries to throw out there the whole…. “What if one of them comes home 1 day when they are older wanting or has one of those big saucers imbeded in their lip?” LOL …My reply…. Its their bodies, and if thats what they want then hey more power to them.
    They are our mothers… and love us unconditionally…….She will eventually get over her anger. T

  10. Thats funny because I’m in almost exactly the same situation. My parents hate tattoos and piercings (I have 2 tats and 6 piercings(ears)). When they found out about the first tat, they didn’t talk to me for a week (I’d had it for 2 years before they found out), they still don’t know about the second. They’ll still mention in front of me how tats are awful and make someone look like a criminal, I have to believe its an age thing for the most part. They grew up in a time when only sailors and criminals had them, so they inherently have an element of sleaze associated with them.

  11. im 15 and i hate body modification with a passion i personally think it looks cheap and terrible a bit of metal in your face doesnt make you individual nor does it look like your expressing your self as so many people do have them i just thin kthey are repulsive and i will not modify my body in anyway ever i mean most people who have tattoos regret them a few years later …

  12. @LG-
    I’m 15 also btw.

    Well piercing might not make a person an individual, tattoos are a way of expressing a person. Like drawing and painting, it is an art, it conveys emotion.
    The reason most people regret a tattoo is that they chose something stupid and cheesy like a butterfly tramp stamp.
    or something that is gay and engulfs their whole right side.

  13. too many tatoos look like a bunch of jigsaw puzzles mixed together and stuck together by a blind person. piercings? yuck! as somebodies mom it’s sickening to see you child, regardless of their age ruin their natural beauty.

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  15. It’s just ugly, and freakish. That is however, just my opinion. If it’s something you find appealing I believe it is your right as an individual to get one and I would never stop my so or daughter form getting pierced although it’s something I would never do myself. Yuck, industrial blemish to natural beauty.

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