Why is my tongue piercing irritated and what can i do about it?

I’ve had my tongue pierced for almost 3months now, and the hole where the piercing is is starting to irritate a lot. It’s never done this before. Is it cause i play with the tongue ring too much, or..? what? Its kinda red at the bottom of the piercing and a little at the top too. What can i do to make it stop?

2 thoughts on “Why is my tongue piercing irritated and what can i do about it?

  1. this happened to me and i stopped playing with it for a week or so to let it finish healing and it was fine has been for years now. Playing with it in the first coupl months keeps it from healing also if your drinking beer or things with yeast in it causes infections sometimes make sure to rise with biotein you can get at any store pretty much. if this doesnt help i would go back to your piercer and have them take a look. could you allergic to the metal? or did you change the barbel to soon?

  2. It sounds like you ought not to be playing with your tongue ring so much. Have you put in a new barbell yet? You can generally start to do shorter barbells at about 2 weeks. (That’s what my piercer told me) I hope you are still keeping it clean. Mouthwash is good for that. (I prefer watered down Crest Pro Health.) I’ve had my tongue piercing for 2 years now.

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